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After 15 years of service, Peggy Levy left the space center to become a UH Cougar, joining UH Administration and Finance as the new Policies and Procedures Coordinator in Business Services. Levy wrote, revised and coordinated policies and procedures for NASA as well as several hardware/software businesses in Houston before she decided to trade in NASA blue for Cougar red.

Levy said she looks forward to working on a university campus again. Before moving to the Houston area in 1988, she attended and worked at the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Alabama.

�I have always loved the feeling of working in an academic setting,� she said. �I can see that some people feel that working at NASA is very glamorous, but I have always loved how thoughts and information �rise� in an educational setting.�

Levy is now in charge of coordinating, maintaining and archiving UH�s MAPP (Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures) and SAM (System Administrative Memoranda) policies. Levy said they are currently working on efficiencies for the review process, and she is offering suggestions on documentation tracking that will be helpful to all readers of SAM and MAPP policies.

�We are trying to streamline the review and approval process and make the communication paths clearer,�� she said.

Administration and Finance will also look to Levy to make any future updates to their online Survival Guide. Levy described the online resource as a �desk manual for business staff.� The resource gives step-by-step documentation of all business processes sorted into areas such as finance, human resources and payroll. The Survival Guide is constantly updated with new forms, instructions or other documentation.

�I�m excited to be working on it because it seems like a very helpful resource,� she said.

Levy believes documentation is essential for a business�s survival in today�s economic climate.

�Good documentation allows anyone to perform a task correctly and safely,� she said. �UH�s policies and procedures inform, guide and maintain high standards.�

Born in Santa Maria, California, Levy moved all around the United States for her father�s job with the National Weather Service. She has been married for 12 years and keeps herself busy outside of work with her love of reading and various craft projects including quilting, crocheting scarves and jewelry making. A self-proclaimed �cat person,� she has named all seven of her cats after desserts: Muffin, Cupcake, S�More, Moon Pie, Scooter Pie, Ying/Yang Fondue and Biscottti.

�On the philosophical side, I really believe there is no greater wisdom than to be kind to others,� she said. �My other great belief is that education makes the world brighter, better and more interesting.�

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