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eShip Global � New Vendor for Shipping Services

eShip Global is a UH contracted vendor that provides express shipping services for university departments to help manage their shipping needs and reduce costs. eShip Global is also a certified HUB vendor, so departments that use this service will receive HUB credit.

Placing orders with eShip Global
Instead of placing a shipping order directly with a shipping vendor, such as FedEx and UPS, university departments can go to the eShip Global system and view all shipping options (i.e., overnight, next day, 2-day delivery, etc.) available from different shipping companies. All shipping charges listed in the eShip Global system reflect the lowest prices available to the university based on state contract and group purchasing rates. Departments are required to enter the cost center to be charged for their shipments and a purpose/benefit statement at the time of order.

Service Charges
eShip Global charges $0.75 for each domestic shipment and $1.00 for international shipments, which will be added to the department�s shipping charge.

Payments to eShip Global
On a weekly basis, eShip Global will send an electronic file containing all charges and cost center information to Accounts Payable. The file will be automatically converted into vouchers and payments are generated based on the cost centers entered by the departments. Therefore, departments do not need to create vouchers to pay eShip Global.

Detailed Instructions for Placing and Monitoring Orders
Detailed instructions for placing and monitoring orders through eShip Global are posted on Finance Forms and References pages.

Hands-On Training
Accounts Payable provides weekly hands-on training classes to teach employees how to place shipping orders through eShip Global. Employees can register for the classes via P.A.S.S., using Course Number PSF047 (E-Ship Global). This training is optional. Employees are encouraged (but not required) to take this training to obtain access to the eShip Global system. Some employees may feel comfortable simply following the detailed instructions on the web.

Gaining Access to eShip Global website
In order to obtain access to the eShip Global system, employees must complete and submit an Application for eShip Global Purchases to Accounts Payable. The application must be signed by their supervisor and the College/Division Administrator. The form is available on the Finance Forms and References pages.

See eShip Global Procedures on the Finance Forms and References pages for more information.

If you have any questions about using eShip Global, please contact Armand Villacorte at 3-5660 or Aida Hermosilla at 3-8744.