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Online parking registration for faculty and staff will begin the first week in May, 2009.

The process that was used last year will continue to be used this year. This means that those currently parking in gated lots may be pre-approved and others will need to register on the wait list.

If you are preapproved you will need to select the 'renew' option from the parking options list. If you wish to change parking lots, you will need to renew your current selection and then register on the wait list for your preferred parking lot.

Current gated lot parkers who were not pre-approved will need to select the Ungated parking option and then register for their preferred lot on the wait list. Wait list assignments will be issued after online registration closes and will be based on employee pay grade.

Teaching fellows and teaching assistants may register for faculty/staff ungated parking. They must be listed as such in the PeopleSoft HR system.

All other graduate students must register as a student using the student MY
UH system.

If you have any questions you can e-mail us at
parking@uh.edu or call ext
3-1097 and speak to a parking representative.

Employee Spotlight
Momma Green

 �Momma Green on the Scene�

Anyone that frequents Oberhotzer Hall knows Annette Green because when you walk in, you are greeted with a smile and a �Hey baby how you doing?� Annette Green, known to students as �Momma Green� manages the salad bar in O.B. and has given dining in the residential halls a new twist.

Momma Green is dedicated to making students feel welcomed and keeping them happy. Everyone knows that when they see Momma Green, they have to give her what she calls a �BAM� or a hug.

�I gave myself the name Momma Green so that the students would respect me,� Green said. �And they do. They know me as Momma Green on the scene. I�m like their mother away from home, but I let them know I�m here to feed you not clean up after you.�

Momma Green honors the students when it�s their birthday by singing happy birthday, but she also reminds them when they get out of line. To assist her, she wears a whistle around her neck.

�The whistle keeps them in line,� Green said. �When they get out of hand, I blow my whistle and say order in the court! They get quiet and I tell them that they are getting out of hand and they need to bring it back together. They do and when I�m finished I say alright let the party role on.�

The love and passion that Momma Green has for the students is evident. Reaching lost souls is what she strives to do everyday. No matter what is going on in her life, Momma Green smiles anyway because she believes that is what reaches people.

�My goal everyday is the students and making sure they are happy. I feel that I have reached my goal when I am able to put a smile on their faces when they are not having a good day.� said Green.