Employee Focus



Houston, June 4, 2009 � As you walk across campus you might see Ramiro Sanchez in his red Coca-Cola truck making sure the campus stays hydrated. Ramiro, route driver and Coke enthusiast, is proud of the work he does each day. We spent five minutes with Ramiro and asked him about the role he plays on the UH campus.

How long have you have you been working for Coke?
I�ve been working with Coke for sixteen years. But this coming August will actually be five years that I�ve been working as the sole vending route driver for UH.

How many total machines are you responsible for servicing?
We have 170 beverage machines on campus that need to be filled. The schedule for restocking the machines is based on how quickly each machine sells out of its product. The best selling machines with more student traffic need to be visited more often.

What do you think about working on the UH campus?
Prior to working here, I had never serviced a big account like this. I like the campus very much. It�s big, clean, and friendly. I�ve never had any problems parking my truck and getting access to the buildings.

I�m also impressed with what the campus is doing in regard to recycling. I see the black outdoor recycling bins everywhere and that makes it easy for students to use.

Do you have a favorite vending location on campus?
I really like vending locations that have good sales. By far, the Library is my favorite location because it has great student traffic. It is the best selling location on campus. In fact, I have to service the three machines inside everyday. It is exciting to return to the Library after 24 hours of filling the machines and seeing that they are almost empty.

Tell me about the cool, new truck you�re driving.
I�ve only had this truck a few months and I love it. Besides having air conditioning and a radio its one of a few hybrid electrical vehicles Coke is using. It�s better for the environment than the traditional truck. The truck goes from using gasoline to electric power on its own, so it�s very easy to drive. People are always admiring my truck and asking me questions about how it runs. I like showing it off.

What is the best thing about your job?
Well, I really like working for the Coca-Cola Company and promoting the brand to everyone. I am quite loyal to Coke. I�m always giving my friends and relatives grief if I see them drinking a beverage that is not distributed by Coke. It�s all in good fun but honestly, I would prefer to see a Coke product in everyone�s hand.

I also like that UH is the only stop on my route. It�s my focus and I don�t have to worry about taking care of any other place but here. I feel privileged that UH is my account and I take great pride in making sure that the campus has the best service it can get.

So next time you see the red truck near by, look out for Ramiro and give him a high-five for his service to the campus.

Coca-Cola is the exclusive beverage vending service to UH and a supporter of various events and programs on campus.

For more information about UH vending services, visit www.uh.edu/busservices.