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Since 1988 University Copy Center (UCC) has proudly served the faculty, staff and students of the University of Houston as the official supplier of document management services. To keep you better informed of the new and exciting services they offer, we will periodically be speaking to UCC staff to showcase items that may be of interest to you or your department.

Today, we talk to Drew Helmey, Director of Marketing and Campus Development about their copier leasing program.

How long has the University Copy Center been offering the copier leasing program?

University Copy Center (UCC) has been providing departmental copier leasing and management for the past three years at the University of Houston, Rice University and two HCC campus locations. The program was developed after we received many requests from university administrators and staff to help them choose the right device for their needs. Choosing a copier can be a very complex activity, and after 15 years experience leasing our own machines, we determined that we were in a unique position to help our university customers choose an optimal device for a price that fits their needs.

Why should departments lease a copier from UCC? What are the benefits?

The key benefit of University Copy Center�s leasing program are competitive lease rates on both new and refurbished equipment that is supported by our on-campus locations at the Welcome Center and Bauer College of Business.

Being on campus allows us to monitor networked devices and ensure that they are always stocked with paper and toner. Remote monitoring software is placed on each networked UCC leased device that alerts us to everything from paper jams, to necessary maintenance, to low toner. Sometimes, using this system, we can service the machine before the department even knows there is an issue! Additionally, we are always just a phone call and quick walk away to help with any issues that might arise. Customers also have the copy center as a backup if any maintenance is required. All in-process work or jobs that need to be completed while the machine is being serviced will be completed at the copy center and delivered on time.

We also offer annualized volume programs. We understand that in the academic environment there are many months, like at semester start-up, where lots of prints and copies are made and others, like the summer time, where very few are done. Other dealers make customers choose a monthly copy volume and then charge for overages when more are done in a specific month. Departments also don�t get their money�s worth when they don�t use their chosen number in the months that are slow. By helping departments choose an annual volume number, we ensure that overages are minimized and purchased prints are not wasted.

Another key benefit of leasing with UCC is that when a lease is signed, it commits the customer to a lease with UCC and not the chosen device. This means if the customer is unhappy with their machine or their situation changes, we will replace it with no questions asked and place a different device.

How does the leasing program work? What must a department do to get started?

To get started or solicit a quote from University Copy Center, faculty and staff need only to contact our Campus Manager, Roddy Chambless. He will arrange a time to come over and discuss your needs, timing, and situation. After that initial contact, he will develop and present a proposal of different types of devices that he feels would be a match for their situation. Customers can then determine if they want to move forward. If a decision is made to lease a copier through the UCC, the department will send a Purchase Requisition for the copier lease to Purchasing in accordance with MAPP 04.01.01. Once the PO is issued, UCC will manage the installation, training and begin monitoring and servicing the machine. It�s that easy!

For a quote, contact:
Roddy Chambless
Manager, UH Campus Operations

What type of equipment is available through the copier leasing program?

Through our contracted relationships with vendors in the Houston area, we are happy to provide both lightly used and refurbished Ricoh machines as well as new equipment. University Copy Center is equipped to offer the UH Community any speed, function, capability device that they need. Our value is helping customers determine what device best fits their needs given their budget, usage, etc.

Refurbished Machines: University Copy Center offers its own line of one to two year old refurbished Ricoh machines. These devices offer the same service and performance guarantees as new equipment, but are generally much less expensive with excellent quality and utility. Refurbished equipment is a fit if basic copier functions and moderate volume is expected, and if cost is a key decision driver.

A tremendous benefit of the refurbished option is yearly equipment & volume �right-sizing.� After a year of service, if a larger or smaller machine is needed, we are happy to trade your machine for one that better suits your needs. If necessary, we will change your estimated volume to reflect the actual volume on your maintenance contract for the coming year,.

New Machines: To provide our clients with multiple options, the University Copy Center partners with ImageNet Houston to provide cutting edge Canon and HP equipment. New Equipment is a fit when customers desire cutting edge technology and/or expect heavy volume.

If new equipment is chosen, you will lease directly from ImageNet under the state DIR contract, but this lease also includes the University Copy Center on-campus service program.

Does UCC offer copier service on copiers that are not part of their leasing program?

University Copy Center does offer service on copiers under contact with another dealer. Our program offers high-level, on-campus service from on-campus copy center where we monitor the devices on-line and physically check ink and toner levels weekly. We can tell when the machine malfunctions and respond immediately to minor repairs and jams and then call for service if necessary. This program does not involve leasing, renting or procurement of devices and would be offered at low fee per device of $20 per month.

Any other information you would like to include about the copier leasing program?
Over the past several years, we have done copier assessments for our clients on all of the campuses we service. Over and over again, we find that copier programs are over purchased and that users may not really understand how these programs work. This program was developed with our customers in mind, and we are able to use our on-campus position to provide you better service and support. Our program is satisfaction guaranteed and we�ll work with you to determine what works best for your situation.