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Employee Spotlight - Stephanie Carpenter

Originally from San Diego California, Stephanie Carpenter began working for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) nearly two years ago.

Carpenter currently works in the Lost and Found office for the DPS, but still works closely with the Fire Marshal Office on campus, helping with different types of permits.

�Lost and Found has a lot of different parts to it,� explained Carpenter. She must make sure that each item is entered into their system, locate the owner of these items, and make reports on lost items. This is certainly a vital job on a college campus.

When asked about the best part of her job, Carpenter responded, �Talking with the students when they come for permits or come to claim an item from lost and found. I love it even more when I can locate an individual to tell them that we have their wallet, phone, ID, etc.�

According to Carpenter, one of the most challenging parts of her job is researching the owners of the lost items in order to return them. �This part can be pretty tricky�unfortunately sometimes things go unclaimed because people forget to put their name and number on certain items. It is also difficult to find an owner to a make-up bag, shoes, or clothing items,� she said.

If items do go unclaimed, the UH Department of Public Safety seeks to help those in need from the local community and beyond. This year, unclaimed books were donated to the neighboring Houston Public Library Smith Branch and cell phones were donated to AT&T for the United States Troops program.

As well as accomplishing her assigned duties, Stephanie Carpenter has also been recognized in the past for being a �Green Hero�, as she was involved in many initiatives and events on campus to promote sustainability. She advises, �Don�t forget to recycle, stay hydrated, have an exit strategy, and a smile can go a long way.�

Though her husband originally transferred to the Houston area as a member of the U.S. Air Force, Carpenter noted proudly, �He is no longer in the Air Force, but is currently enrolled at UH <and> will soon be a proud Cougar!�

The University of Houston is thankful for Cougars like Stephanie Carpenter who make the university a safer, more sustainable living and learning environment.