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Gabriel Durham – Sustainability Coordinator

Gabriel started as Sustainability Coordinator in July 2018, though his history with the University of Houston, and the Office of Sustainability go back much further.

After earning his undergraduate degree in Anthropology here at UH, Gabriel returned to the university a second time in 2013 to complete a Master’s Degree in Anthropology focusing on the intersection of human and natural systems. While completing this degree he worked as the office’s Graduate Assistant, completing the 2015 STARS report and helping with other office initiatives. During this time he also served as a teaching assistant and conducted various research projects, at UH and abroad, on topics from public health to human adaptability in the face of climate change.

Gabriel’s present role in the office is focused on outreach and engagement. If you are looking for information on sustainability events and efforts on campus, or are simply curious about sustainability, please be sure to contact him using the information below.

"When I started, the number one mission of any sustainability office was simply to educate people on what sustainability actually was! Now, that is still a big part of our mission, but we are branching out to accomplish some real meaningful change in our surrounding community and beyond.”

And what does sustainability mean to Gabriel?

“Lots of experts have very good definitions of sustainability so look those up! But what they are all hinting at is a necessary cultural sift. Whether it’s solar energy, recycling, or alternative transportation, each of these efforts is about getting people to adopt new behavior that will have a positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity.”

Staff Advisor to:

The Sustainable Coogs

The UH Garden Club

The Food Recovery Network

Precious Plastics

Contact Gabriel:
713.743.6985 (Office)