New Routes Coming Soon to UH's Cougar Line

New Cougar Line shuttle routes will soon be available to help faculty, staff and students get where they need to be on campus.

Set to launch on Monday, Aug. 15, the revamped shuttle service will include three new routes - the Bayou Oaks Route, the Cullen Oaks Route and the PGH/ERP Route - as well as the following program changes:

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route maps
  • the Campus Loop route will be discontinued
  • the Outer Loop will be discontinued
  • the ERP Express route will be discontinued
  • all ERP buses will stop at the Eastwood Transit Center
  • the ERP Eastwood route will continue to run, but will now be known as the Student Center/ERP Route

“We’ve received lots of feedback about our shuttles over the last few years from students, faculty and staff alike, and we kept all of that in mind when making our decisions,” said Bob Browand, director of the department.

To ensure he and his team were on the right track, Browand even took the proposed plan to a Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) meeting, where it was met with overwhelming support from the members.   

Customer feedback and campus partner new year new routesapproval weren’t the only factors Browand and his team took into consideration while finalizing the new plans. They also took a hard look at route ridership and budget allocations -- figures and findings they openly shared in a previous Word on the Street blog post.

“We understand that some of these changes may inconvenience a few individuals, especially those who regularly relied on the Campus Loop,” said Browand. “However, as the UH campus and community continues to evolve and change, so, too, must our services to ensure we are serving as many Cougars as possible with the limited resources we have available to us.”

Anyone with physical mobility concerns as a result of these changes is encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at or 713-743-5400. Individuals with safety and security concerns should reach out to UHPD about a security escort at 713-743-3333.