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Travel safe this turkey day

By: Bob Browand

turkey travel

Happy short week everyone! As most of you probably know, the University is closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.

According to AAA, nearly 46.9 million Americans will travel to celebrate the holiday, with the majority of them taking to the streets for road trips.

In honor of what’s historically the busiest travel time of the year, here are three things to keep in mind before you hit the road.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the heaviest traffic days, according to Waze.

While it might be tempting to hit the road as soon as possible this week, roads are expected to be most congested on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. People hoping to avoid delays and traffic jams should postpone their departures until early Thursday morning, if possible.

Ensure your vehicle is road trip ready

Before you take to the streets to visit family and friends, it’s important to ensure your vehicle’s battery and tires are up for the drive. AAA reports that a number of the calls they receive this week are for individuals who have flat tires or dead batteries. To keep that from happening to you, get your vehicle inspected before you leave.

Take your time

Regardless of when you’re on the road this week, remember to be cautious and take your time. There will be more people on the road than usual and that means more opportunities for accidents. So stay alert and be careful out there, Coogs, because we all want to see you back here to finish off the semester strong!