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By: Bob Browand

Imagine this...

You have a test at 10 and, due to an accident on the freeway, you're running late. You have enough time to make it, but only if you can get parked and hustle to class quickly. However, you park in a 5 story, 1,800 space parking garage which on most days is a blessing. Today, though, you need to park quickly and can’t spend time circling the garage searching for a parking space.

In the past it would be left up to luck whether you make it to class on time, but times they are a changing. Thanks to technology, luck has been removed from the equation. The technology I’m referring to is called Parking Guidance. Parking Guidance, through a network of sensors, signs, and lights directs parkers to the closest available parking space quickly. That technology has arrived at UH!     

Parking and Transportation Services is installing parking guidance in all UH parking garages, and, by Fall 2019, there will be over 9,000 red and green lights which makes finding a parking space in UH garages a breeze.

PGS Lights

Besides the benefit to parkers, these guidance systems collect a vast amount of data regarding garage usage. This data will be used to analyze peaks and valleys in usage, and will assist Parking and Transportation Services in making operational decisions to better serve the campus community.

Find more information on the guidance system HERE.



posted: Thursday, February 14, 2019