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By Bob Browand

University of Houston faculty and staff are going to see a number of positive changes related to parking permits. We’re going to review two of them here.

Process for Gated Lots

Waitlist graphic for blog

There are limited spaces available in the faculty-staff gated lots across campus. In order to get a space in a particular gated lot, faculty-staff have to add their name to a waiting list through their Parking Portal account.

Under this system, a person's paygrade level takes priority over the actual date someone joined the list.

This creates scenarios where someone could sign up to be on a list and then three weeks later, someone with a higher paygrade signs up and jumps ahead of them on the same list. This creates confusion and is not a very transparent process.

Paygrade No Longer a Factor

We have decided to change the process and eliminate paygrade as a factor. The waiting lists now will now be strictly in chronological order.

So once you are on a list for a gated lot, you are never going to see yourself drop. You will only move up. We think that is the fair thing to do.

This isn't the only change we are making to the process.

Now if you add yourself to a gated lot waiting list, you will be required to log in to your parking account annually to confirm you are still interested.

Over time, people leave UH to take jobs elsewhere, or their office locations change and they no longer desire to park in the gated lot they signed up for. But their names would remain on the waiting list. 

By having faculty-staff confirm they still are interested makes the process more efficient. It lets us know everyone on these lists still wants a space. As a result, when we go to make offers, we can make them more quickly and efficiently.

Renewable Permits

Renewable Permits Graphic

Faculty/Staff parking permits for gated lots, parking garages and reserved spaces will become renewable. If you are classified as an active faculty or staff member, currently have one of these permits, and pay with payroll deduction, then your permit will be automatically renewed every year.

The permits themselves should last about three years in Houston’s heat and humidity. So every three years, we will mail out replacement permits. If you lose it or have any other problems with it, we will still give you a replacement.

So if you have one of these permits, you won't have to do anything. You'll find it a much more convenient process!


posted: Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019