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By: Bob Browand

Part of the Parking and Transportation Services budget each year is reinvested in maintenance and improvements in the parking lots and garages.

This month we’re kicking off one of those projects with the installation of a Parking Guidance System in the parking garages.

Benefits of the systemhighlights of system

Two main benefits of upgrading the garages to this new system include improved usage data for Parking and Transportation and fast, efficient parking for garage permit holders.

The data provided by this system will give PTS more accurate information about the total number of cars entering the garages, peak hours of usage and more. This will, among other things, improve the efficiency of the oversell rates to balance maximizing permits that can be sold (and therefore sharing parking costs between more people) and still maintaining plenty of open parking spaces for garage permit holders.

The benefit of this system that will be most visible to garage permit holders will be the sign and light system within the garage that will direct parkers to the available spaces. The Parking Guidance System will accurately track the number of cars in the garage and the parking spaces available.

sign 2 sign sign 3

Signs throughout the garage will notify parkers of available spaces remaining and help direct them to those areas.

Then, parkers can look down a line of cars and see green and red lights over parking spaces. The smart-sensor system will mark open spaces with a green light. 

This tool will save parkers time and hassle in finding a spot within the garage and improve the overall parking experience.

Timeline of Changeover

Construction will begin in the East Garage near the end of February 2018. 

After several months when construction in the East Garage is complete, the changeover will start in the Welcome Center Garage. The plan is to begin construction on the Stadium Garage and Student Welcome Center Garage in the 2018-2019 academic year.

As we implement the Parking Guidance System in these garages we will be assessing plans for future Parking Guidance Systems on campus, including the new parking garages that are expected to be constructed in the next several years. 

Updates on this project and more can be found on our Project Updates page.

posted: Monday, Jan. 22, 2018