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By: Bob Browand 

Earlier this year, we published a blog post that covered the ins and outs of the parking department’s budget.

The entry entitled “Where do you parking dollars go?” garnered a LOT of attention –more than 1,500 page views to be exact – and several comments, one of which asked if my team and I would be interested in partnering with the Bauer College of Business at some point to explore some possible business ventures.

blog comment feedback

Well, fast forward seven months and we’re doing just that. This semester, Parking and Transportation Services is participating as a “project sponsor” within Bauer’s  GENB 3302: Connecting Bauer to Business Projects, a semester-long course that teams student groups with organizations looking for possible solutions to a real problem or concern.

The task for our student group? Find ways we can expand the reach of COAST, our new alternative transportation incentive program, across campus, specifically among the student body.

To do this, the group will identify and explore several items including what groups are most likely to utilize alternative transportation, as well as the best channels for reaching those individuals. Through regular email updates and physical meetings, the student group will keep us posted on their progress along the way.

Although COAST has enjoyed much success in its short existence, we are eager to keep the momentum going and know that our group members have the potential, as well as the first-hand perspective to help us fill in the gaps we may be overlooking when targeting our students.

Expanding our efforts and practices by participating in initiatives like these are one of the very reasons we launched this blog last year. It has created a space for students, faculty and staff to relay real concerns, real feedback and real suggestions to us in a quick and convenient way and it’s all leading to REAL progress.

Comments from readers like Nnenna are invaluable and, as you see, can really effect change. So to all of our readers, thank you!


published: Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016