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Commuter Spotlight: Sean Baser

By: Bob Browand

This semester, we’ve talked a lot about COAST, our new alternative and sustainable transportation program. From covering the number of members we recruited to how this program is impacting campus as a whole by reducing the demand for more parking on campus, there has been no shortage of stories.

COASTer Sean METRORail commuter spotlight Parking UH TransportationBut what do the people who are ACTUALLY using COAST (also known as COASTers) have to say about it? Are they enjoying the experience? What made them become a “COASTer”? Do they regret the decision? We had all those questions and more, so we decided it was time to get to know our COASTers, and all of our other commuters for that matter, a little better, and thus the idea for our “Commuter Spotlight” series was born.

Periodically on the blog, you’ll begin to see brief profiles of real people who commute to and around campus using some form of our services. Whether it’s METRO, Zipcar, Carpooling or even the Cougar Line shuttles, they have insight into our program and we want to share it.

To kick off this new initiative, we’ll be spotlighting Sean Baser, a dedicated COASTer who rides the METRORail to campus every day. Learn more about him and why he COASTs below.

Graduate Assistant for Student Conduct and Advocacy in the Dean of Students Office // Pursuing a Masters of Education in the
Higher Education program on campus

Commuting from:

COASTing since:
September 2016

How did you hear about COAST?:
Another graduate assistant within the Dean of Students Office who works with Commuter Student Services had some COAST brochures, so that’s how I learned about my options.”

Primary mode of transportation to campus:

Primary reason for COASTing:
“I was tired of ERP parking and waiting for the shuttles. I calculated my commute using the rail instead and it came out to be roughly the same.”

Issues/complications using COAST:
“One issue I’ve had has involved trying to get a replacement subsidized METRO Q Card. I lost my original one and had to go downtown to METRO’s headquarters to get my new one, but overall it wasn’t a big inconvenience, there was just some initial confusion about what I needed to do. Also, although I’ve personally never felt unsafe on the train, more visible security and fare enforcement wouldn’t hurt.”

 Commuting tip:
Use Google Maps to plan your commute. It takes all of the guess work out of it."

Final thoughts:
“I’m no longer stressed out about driving to campus and parking. Before I would be entirely too angry before I even walked into my own office; my new commute immediately relieves all of that stress. Waiting for the train is just easier for me.”

If you or someone you know would like to share your story and be featured in a future Commuter Spotlight email and let us know.


published: Thursday Dec. 8, 2016