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Adding Cash to your ShastaBUCKS Account

ShastaBUCKS is the new name for our current flexible spending.


1.  Add cash to your ShastaBUCKS account by logging into your AccessUH ( account.


2.  Click on the Cougar Card icon.


3.  Select the Add Cash option on the menu. The next screen will allow you to select Cougar Cash or ShastaBUCKS. Select ShastaBUCKS, include your email information, then add the deposit amount for this transaction, and click ‘Continue’.


4.  The next screen is for your payment information. Confirm the total amount from the previous screen at the top,
select your method of payment and then enter your account, billing, and current contact information and
click ‘Continue’.

5.  A confirmation screen will be displayed with a receipt for the transaction and for the deposit account.
Please confirm that all of the information is correct.


6.  You will receive a confirmation email with a notification of payment for your credit card. Please confirm that all of the information is correct.