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Student Mail Information Guide

Welcome to the University of Houston

The department of UH Delivery Services will receive and deliver all of your incoming mail.

UH Delivery Services strives to provide the most efficient and effective mail service to residential students.

Each residence hall has a set of campus mail boxes for its students. The key or combination for your mail box is issued by residence hall staff. All incoming letter mail is placed in your assigned box.

There is a designated package distribution room in each residence hall. All incoming packages that have tracking numbers will be distributed from these assigned rooms. Each packages distribution area has set times for pickups.

Miscellaneous Mail Tips/Information

  • DO NOT MAIL CASH – Checks or U.S.P.S. money orders are recommended and should be mailed in secure protective envelopes.
  • Cougar Card ID is required when picking up accountable items.
  • Only the recipient can pick up his/her accountable items.
  • Special arrangements must be made with UH Delivery Services to pick up large items weighing over 50 pounds. Email
  • Parcels will be returned to sender after you receive a 3rd email notification.
  • Pick up items delivered and empty your student mail box on a regular basis.

Forwarding Student Mail

End of semester break, moving off campus or graduating? It is YOUR responsibility to change your local address with the university when you leave the residence hall. In order to continue uninterrupted mail service, please complete the electronic form with all of the requested information before your check out day.

Student Mail Forwarding link

Only your first class mail will be forwarded to your new address for one semester. It is your responsibility to contact newspaper and magazine vendors to update your address. After one semester, all mail, including first-class mail, will be returned to the U.S. Postal Service and marked “Return to Sender.” No mail will be forwarded during holidays and university breaks.

No mail will be forwarded during holidays and university breaks.

Address Format for U.S.P.S. Student Mail

Student Name – This must be your FULL (first, middle, last) given name, or perfered name that is    recorded by housing
Community Abbreviation, Mail Box Number [ ]
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code (with the Zip +4)

Sample of Correct Student Address Format

Resident Community Addressing

This is the correct address format you should give out to receive your mail. It should always be in the above format. Using information other than this format will delay the delivery of your mail.

Residential Communities Addresses

Accountable Mail

Accountable mail consists of any item containing a tracking number. Your signature is required for these items. This type of item can be from any of the following vendors:

  • USPS – Express Mail, Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and/or Certified/Registered items
  • UPS – Next Day Air, Second Day Air, Ground Service
  • FedEx – Next Day Air, Second Day Air,
  • FedEx Home, FedEx Ground
  • DHL
  • Amazon Prime

Accountable mail/ large parcels can be picked up from the designated pickup area in your residence hall. (See next page for locations.)

An email is sent to your email account from UH Delivery Services when you receive any accountable mail. If you are expecting any trackable parcels or large items, you should check your email account on a daily basis. The first package notification is received when the item is logged into the UH Delivery Services tracking system. The second notification is generated when the item is delivered to your residential community package room.

  • If you have a scheduling conflict concerning parcel pickup hours, email concerning your scheduling conflict referencing your tracking number.
  • You must be a current student resident in one of the UH residence halls to receive mail on campus.
  • All incoming items must contain your full given name. The name on the package must match your Cougar ID card. For example, if a parcel is shipped to your campus address, addressed to John Smith, and your name is Alex Jones, UH Delivery will refuse the package and return it to the sender.