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Parcel Locker FAQ

How long will my package be available in the locker?
You have 24 hours from your notification to pick up your package from the locker, which is available to you 24/7.

What happens if you can’t pick up your package from the lockers within 24 hours?
After 24 hours, unclaimed packages will be stored at the central sorting facility (General Services Building), where it will be available for another 48 hours. Recipients will be required to present their Cougar Card to claim their package(s)
The following are the business hours for Copy, Print and Delivery Services

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

How long do I have to claim or pick up a package before it is returned to the sender?
Packages are held for a total of 72 hours for pick-up. Unless a request to hold the package is made in advance and is approved by Delivery Services, the package will be Returned to Sender (RTS) after 72 hours

What if I closed the locker door before I took my package out?
If the door was closed unintentionally without taking your package out, go to the console and re-enter your locker access codes. Your locker access codes will remain active for 15 minutes from the first time you entered them.

What if I lost my locker access codes or it does not work?
Visit the central sorting facility (General Services Building) and bring your Cougar card to request new locker access codes. Business hours for the central sorting facility are listed above.