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Copy and Print Online User Guide

Student Access to Copy, Print Online 

Faculty Access to Copy, Print Online  

The University of Houston Print Shop’s new Digital Storefront allows you to order print jobs through an online ordering platform similar to Amazon. This portal will eliminate the need to walk down to the print shop and fill out an order form or provide a file via USB or email. You will now be able to build and preview your print jobs live before submitting them. Please be advised that as appropriate, jobs have to adhere to University of Houston Branding Guidelines. 

Sign On

Click on the Login icon which can be found on the top right of the page.

Click on Single Sign-On when logging in – this will direct you to log in with your University of Houston Login Credentials, and then it will direct you back to the Home Page.

*Please note: Users ordering materials from outside the University of Houston network – please sign in through the Advanced Login Options link below the Single-Sign On button.

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Basic Navigation:

  • You will only be allowed to view the Categories and Products that your account is associated to. If there are any products you would like to have added, please contact us at
Finding Products:
  • Down the left-hand side is a list of all the categories of different products you can order.
  • You can browse categories by using the navigation menu or by using the visual category list on the center of the page. You can also use the search function if you know part of the name or form number.

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User Information

  • Under Login Name:

In this menu, you will be able to access:

user guide 4

  1. Order History and Status – Here you can view the status of your order or re-order previously completed jobs.

user guide 5 

  1. My Profile – This contains your user information and address.

**Note: Please verify that your information is correct when you log in to the site for the first time.

user guide 6

  1. Address Book – Here you can add/save/manage frequently used addresses.

user guide 7

 4.  Print Shop – This will always be defaulted to Copy, Print and Delivery Services.

user guide 8

  1. My Saved Files – Users can upload and save artwork for later use.

user guide 9

  1. My Saved Jobs – Users can save a created job for a later purchase.

user guide 10

  7&8: My Downloads and Spending Accounts Usage are not currently used.

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Ordering Products

  • Again – you will only have access to the products associated with your school or office. In the future, there may be more categories available.
  • To browse products available within your school, you can enter the school category:
    • Option 1: Browse for products by clicking on a category on the left-hand side – or by clicking on an image or the Browse button under Featured Categories.
    • Option 2: Search for a product by clicking in the search box at the top of the page – this is handy if you are looking for a specific form or document.
  • Once you have selected your School/Office category, you will be presented with product options.
  • After you have found what you are looking for, click on the Buy Now button.

 user guide 12 

  • This will bring you to the document builder – here you will be able to:
    • View a preview of the document
    • Upload your document or artwork file
    • Name your job
    • Define the quantity you want
    • Create print options such as Single/Double-Sided, Paper Type, Folding etc.
  • First, click Add Files at the top left of the page, if you have a file ready – then click on the Upload Files button in the window that pops up.
  • Select your file and click open.
  • Once you have selected your file, click the Upload button: then select Done after the upload has completed.
  • In this view, you will then be able to name your project, define quantity, and select the features you want to have, such as paper type, stapling, covers etc., which will update live in the preview window.

user guide 13

user guide 14

           user guide 15


  • To view the entire document in one window, select the icon at the bottom left of the webpage.

userguide 16


  • Once you have selected your options or added special instruction notes, you can either:
    • Select Save to save the document to your profile for later use or
    • Select Add to Cart

user guide17


Shopping Cart

  • At the top left, you can select a due date for the job.
  • You can adjust Quantity if needed.
  • Access saved jobs.
  • Or you can scroll to the bottom to Proceed to Checkout.

user guide18

  • After selecting Proceed to Checkout, you will then be asked to edit your shipping information.

user guide 19

  • You can then select your payment method, and select Place My Order.
  • You will then receive your order confirmation.

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Order History / Reordering

  • Click on Profile – On the dropdown menu, select Order History & Status.
  • In the Order History & Status window, you can view:
    • If your job has been approved
    • Where your jobs are in production
    • Reordering on previously completed jobs

user guide 21

user guide 22

  • Once an order has shipped, it will be available to reorder. To Reorder a job, select the reorder button on the job – this will create a copy and bring you directly to your shopping cart where you can adjust the quantity and place the new order.

user guide 23

**If you have any questions on any page, press the ? Help button at the top of the page. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.


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