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When ordering a letterhead, along with the order form (see link below), please include the following information:

  • College or department
  • Department or sub-department (optional)
  • Name and degrees (optional)
  • Personal titles, maximum of two lines, no more than 50 characters per line (optional)
  • Address:
complete UH Postal approved address corresponding to the college or department at the top of the letterhead (including building name, postal room number, and ZIP)
Location: optional address details linked to the personal location
  • Other contact information: UH phone number, UH email, UH web address (if no specific web address, then
  • Optional information: cell phone number, UH Fax (seldom used), UH social media handles (no logo)

The various phone numbers and electronic addresses must link to UH approved sites for liability reasons. (personal web addresses are not allowed.) Click here to download the letterhead order form