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Residential Dining Vision

Moody Dining Commons

The following recommendations focus on the Residential District, improving the guest experience and addressing long-term needs from facilities, design and sustainable practices. 

The images and concepts used in the following vision plan attempt to visualize the intended mood and conceptualize design direction. These images do not represent actual concept renderings for proposed spaces. 

Cougar Woods Dining Commons 

Fall 2018 – International Bowl & Burrito Bar

As a commitment to providing an exceptional dining program with an unlimited meal plan program, an international themed bowl and burrito bar will be added to Cougar Woods Dining Commons, featuring made-to-order bowls, tacos, burritos from Latin America and South Asia.

The addition of a burrito bar is expected to improve guest satisfaction with the variety and quality of food offered. The Fall 2017 Guest Satisfaction Survey indicated "food" was the most common opportunity area, and guests often equate variety and taste as a measure of food quality.

Top 2 Most Important Factors for Cougar Woods: Food Quality/Taste and Variety
(Dining Intercept Survey, March 2018)  

Summer 2019 – Visual Refresh

Continued investment in the overall dining experience supports the UH mission to create student engagement commons and drive guest satisfaction with the dining program. The Cougar Woods refresh will incorporate relevant trends in foodservice operations. Communal seating will encourage relationships and collaboration while maximizing seating opportunities.

Cougar Woods will also continue its march toward sustainability, striving for Green Restaurant Association Level 2 Certification. Additionally, the Freight Farms will be incorporated. A focus on offering vegan and vegetarian options and highlighting the impact on sustainability will remain a focus.

Bold: A Complete Farm-to-Table System: Campus Outdoor Farms

The Freight Farms system will enable us to supply locally grown UH leafy greens at the scale needed today while providing infrastructure to easily expand in the future to provide additional select produce. A dedicated farmer will be hired to work on-site to oversee all operations related to the campus outdoor farms.

The Leafy Green Machine is a complete hydroponic growing system built entirely inside a shipping container with all the components needed for commercial food production. The system is designed and engineered for easy operation, allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing.

Built from up-cycled shipping containers, the modular and stackable design of the LGM makes it easy to integrate it into any operation. Each farm acts as an immediate solution to shorten the food supply chain and bring local, fresh product to any environment.

The Leafy Green Machine brings consistent access to high quality, locally grown produce year round to any market. This fully assembled system allows users to immediately start growing upon delivery, and scale operations by adding more farms as the market demands.


Moody Dining Commons

2022 – New Building Construction

The reconstruction of the Moody Towers building creates the opportunity to revitalize and enhance the University's 24/7 dining program and create a state of the art dining commons.

Station concepts will feature trendy and unique identities, creating a visual sense of variety and freshness. Menus will be displayed using digital menu screens with nutrition values and relevant marketing messages to inform guests of other resources and offers on campus.

Additional Seating

The new Moody Towers Dining Commons will hold 750 seats (34% increase from 2018 seating) to accommodate the significant increase in participation in meal plans that began in 2017. 

Multi-Purpose Space

Feedback from the Charrette indicated multi-purpose space was a large need on campus. Moody Towers Dining Commons will also feature multi-purpose space for group meetings and events. 

Top 3 Most Important Factors for Moody Towers: Portion Size, Total Experience, Location/Convenience(Dining Intercept Survey, March 2018)