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Program Enhancements

Food Truck Program | Mobile Ordering | Sustainability Initiatives | Student Engagement | Other Enhancements

Required Brand Refreshes

In order to maintain brand licenses, the brands below require period brand refreshes to stay up-to-date with new brand identities and standards. The following brand refresh schedule is proposed based on the required schedules outlined by current licenses. 

Starbucks at Melcher Hall - 2019 

Einstein Bros. Bagels at PGH Hall – 2019 

McDonald’s at Student Center South – 2022 

Chick-fil-A at Student Center South – 2024

Panda Express at Student Center South – 2024 

Starbucks at Student Center South – 2024 

Food Truck Program 

A New Chick-fil-A Food Truck - Fall 2020

UH Dining will introduce a Chick-fil-A food truck to University of Houston. Chick-fil-A remains one of the most popular brands amongst college students. Offering a Chick-fil-A food truck will increase the accessibility of the popular brand in strategic locations and drive excitement for the dining program. 

Other Food Truck Program Enhancements

Student feedback gained from the data collection phase indicated the food truck program offered the most variety of food options due to the rotation schedule and convenience and number of locations. Additionally, UH Dining can support local entrepreneurs by providing opportunities to introduce their brands to the UH community. 

UH Dining will work with campus leaders to identify new and best locations for food trucks, including the proposed food truck park in Lot 21A. We'll add HUB vendors where possible, with a goal of having 20 percent of food trucks HUB/WMBE-certified. 

UH Dining will work to improve the variety of cuisine and special dietary accommodations provided through the food truck program. Food trucks that serve Halal, kosher, vegan and vegetarian food items will be offered the opportunity serve our campus community. 

Mobile Ordering & Delivery 

Mobile Ordering for Moody Towers Pizza - Fall 2018

Beginning Fall 2018, Moody Towers Dining Commons will offer late-night personal size pizza to-go through the Boost app during Moody's overnight hours. Guests can order pizza with 

custom toppings in the same way they order food from their favorite Boost locations now with no extra cost for using the app. Guests with Cougar Cash will be able to use their meal plan to purchase the pizza to-go. 

Mobile Ordering Expansion - Ongoing

UH Dining works with Boost app developer to add new locations to Boost.

Boost Rewards Program - Fall 2018

As new dining concepts are added to the UH campus, UH Dining will add to the portfolio of venues on the Boost mobile ordering app where needed.

In late 2018, Boost mobile ordering will launch a loyalty program will be integrated in the app and implemented at all Boost locations. The program will encourage ongoing use of the mobile app and reduce line congestion while encouraging engagement with technology provided by UH Dining. 

Lunch-time Delivery - Pilot Fall 2018

As previously proposed for Taco Cabana, UH Dining will pilot campus delivery through the Boost app in Fall 2018. Boost Delivery brings convenience to our guests in times they can't get to a dining location. Delivery will greatly add to our efforts to decrease line congestion and make dining on campus more accessible. Our audience focus for the pilot will be faculty and staff with plans to target student users during the full launch in Spring 2019. 

Sustainability Initiatives

Zero Waste Initiative and Local Purchasing

Our commitment to transitioning to zero waste to landfill for residential dining facilities remains, along with our strategic goals to achieve growing levels of local purchasing. 

Food Waste Reduction

The impact of food waste spans beyond the campus. UH Dining's mission is to educate and inform our guests about the impact of food waste and the prevalence of food insecurity. UH Dining will continue food waste reduction strategies and partnerships to reduce food insecurity. 

Food Insecurity Programs

UH Dining will continue to support food insecurity programs by providing the University 200 meals per semester for use at its discretion.

Food Recovery

The partnership with Food Recovery Network and Campus Kitchens will continue, providing a means to donate unused foods and engaging our student population in food insecurity awareness.

Student Engagement

Student Feedback Programs

Guest feedback is a critical component of UH Dining's guest experience strategy. Through ongoing feedback platforms, guests' voices will be heard and real change can be made, both on the spot and strategically. The following schedule outlines feedback program and frequency. All platforms will be funded by UH Dining. 

Program Frequency
Text Message Feedback Ongoing
Dining Website/App Comments Ongoing
Third-Party Mystery Shopper Monthly
Guest Satisfaction Survey Fall Semester
Focus Groups Annually

Student Internships & Employment

UH Dining will continue to attract student employment on campus through part-time job opportunities and our Student Success internship program. Through each avenue, UH Dining introduces students to career opportunities in industry with one of the world's largest employers and the top foodservice management group. UH Dining will strive to increase student employment by 2 percent year on year. Expanding opportunities for students to take on Student Manager roles increases their level of responsibility, furthering career opportunities after graduation. Strong student workers will be invited to apply to Compass Group's Manager In Training program in the final semester before graduation.

Additionally, we will expand internship opportunities to fields such as culinary and construction, providing real-world experience to tomorrow's culinarians and design and build professionals.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing uses mobile technology to push special offers and updates to users through their mobile phones. This cutting edge technology provides hyper relevant messages to customers while they’re in our dining locations. 

Digital Jukebox

Music drives excitement for students and creates deeper connection with both the campus and with peers. Our popular Rockbot digital jukebox can be added to any new facility, such as the Retail Center’s food hall.

Other Enhancements 

Third Spaces

Developing 3rd destination gathering spaces that can serve as spaces to dine, study, socialize and recharge. For students living on campus these will serve as the bridge between residence hall and classroom. For off-campus students these will be the bridge between off campus and the classroom. In both scenarios the focus is keeping students on campus and engaged with the UH experience.

Refreshes will seek to incorporate multi-use space for group meetings, entertainment, gaming and other activities. Dedicated space could accommodate faculty and staff for $5 Cougar Red Fridays or provide the means for student organizations to meet and have dinner together. 

Charging Ports

Technology is vital to the lives our guests. With the average Gen Z student facing 5 screens, battery supply is limited. Where possible, charging ports will be incorporated to for convenience. Students can charge their devices while they eat, study or relax with friends.