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Key Assumptions - Disclaimer

  • Major proposals are dependent upon university review, approval and funding.
  • Campus enrollment expected to grow 2.3% annually until 2030.
  • Residential population expected to net 339 new beds by 2020 and net 800 new beds by 2024.
  • University of Houston is expected to fund all design and construction and brand refreshes contained in the Vision Plan.
  • Project costs are based on our experience at like sized universities.
  • Design and construction cost estimates are based on 2018 prices and are expected to rise 3-4% year on year with inflation.
  • Preliminary capital budget estimates are for budgetary purposes only. A thorough architectural and engineering evaluation of the space, interior design scheme and working drawings must be completed for each project. Estimates were developed as a good faith effort based on "white box" defined as ready for tenant improvements with all utilities in the space to forecast probable capital needs.
  • Costs associated with individual projects or tasks are estimated and likely to change as the project evolves. Costs will be revised with every phase of progress and will remain an estimate until all final vendors/concepts are appointed and purchase order amounts entered.