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Recruit and Retain Women Faculty

Recruit and retain more women science, technology, engineering, and mathetmatics (STEM) and social/behavioral science (SBS) faculty at senior, mid-career and junior faculty levels, with emphasis on increasing the percentage of women women of color ranked faculty in STEM and SBS fields to levels at or above the academia national averages (from 1.5% women of color faculty in science and engineering to 3%).

Support Women in Leadership Positions

Increase the support and representation of women STEM and SBS faculty in administrative leadership positions (department, college, and university level). Our specific targets are to increase representation of women faculty, especially women of color, in:

  • STEM Chair positions, from 3 to 6 women out of 21 positions (from 14% to 28%)
  • STEM Associate Dean positions from 4 to 6 out of 12 (33% to 50%)
  • STEM Dean positions from 0 to 1 out of 5 (0% to 20%)
  • STEM women faculty in university-level administrative positions (from 7% to 15%)

Create Lasting Infrastructure

Enhance UH's infrastructure to make gender equity and diversity campus-wide priorities by improving awareness and climate, and by institutionalizing successful ADVANCE activities.