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What is required for high school freshman from India?
  • All India Secondary School Certificate & all India Senior School with an aggregate of 55 %
  • TOEFL score of 213 on the computer-based, 550 on the paper- based and 79 on the internet-based examinations.
I have completed a three year bachelor’s degree; can I apply for Graduate studies?
The India three year degrees are not acceptable for entry into our graduate programs.
Will I receive any transfer credit from my university that is technically recognized?
Transfer credit from technical programs cannot be determined until we receive the syllabus/prospectus from the technical program you attended.
Why do you not accept mark sheets issued by the college?
Mark sheets must be issued by the affiliated university not the college in order to be deemed official. Copies of mark sheets, certified by the Registrar of the university, are considered official.
Why do you request the TOEFL if my medium of instruction was in English?
All students from non-native English speaking countries must take the TOEFL in order to be considered for admission.
How does the University of Houston accept a post-graduate diploma?
Because the there are many variations of the post-graduate diploma (PGD), we have to research the PGD along with the applicants complete education record before determining the PGD equivalence in the US.
I only have one set of original mark sheets; can I receive my originals back if I mail them to the University?
Unfortunately, we are unable to return the documents. All transcripts and documents become property of the University of Houston once received. We accept certified copies from the Examining Boards or from a university Registrar in India.
Can I submit my original documents in person?
Yes, you may bring in your original documents along with copies to the Office of International Admissions; once the copies are verified and stamped the original documents will be returned to you.
What are official documents?
Official copies are the academic documents sent directly by your previous academic institution to the University of Houston or are issued to the applicant with the official seal from the institution or agency given the authority to verify the authenticity of institutions records.
Can I take the IELTS in lieu of the TOEFL?
Yes, the minimum requirement for the IELTS is 6.5. on the total score.
Can an admissions decision be made only on the Secondary School Certificate?
No, we must have both the Secondary and Higher Senior school certificates in order to make a decision on your file.
Can an admissions decision be made before the Higher Secondary School results are issued?
No, we must have proof of high school completion before we can make a decision on your file.
Are there other Indian students at the UH?
Yes, Indian students are part of the top 5 largest countries represented at the University of Houston
How many Indian students are at the UH?
Over 600 Indian students are enrolled at UH.
What student organizations, located at the University of Houston, are geared towards Indian students?
Yes, there are numerous organizations geared toward Indian students. For more information please visit our International Students Scholars Services Office.
Is there an Indian community in the city of Houston?
Yes, Houston is a multi-cultural city with a large Indian population.
Do my mark sheets need to be evaluated?
No, your documents will be evaluated by one of our qualified International Admissions counselors.
Is there a Consulate General of India in Houston?
Yes, visit the Consulate website.
Am I allowed to bring my spouse when I attend the University of Houston?
Yes, you will need to indicate on your spouse’s information on the Financial Backing form. Your spouse will receive a dependent I-20, if you will be holding an F-1 visa.
Am I allowed to work on campus while attending the University of Houston?
Yes, international students are allowed to work on campus as student workers for a maximum of 20 hours per week.
I am a permanent resident, do I have to be a full-time student?
No, permanent residents do not have to register for twelve semester hours, which is a full course load.
I am on an A-1 visa, will I pay international fees.
Students on an A-1 visa may be eligible to pay in-state tuition. For more information, please visit
I am here on a visitor’s visa; will I be able to change my status to an F-1 without leaving the U.S.?
Students who have been approved and are currently holding a B-2 visa must change to a student visa. Please contact the International Students Scholars Services Office (ISSSO) at 713-743-5065.
Are scholarships available to International students?
Please contact your department/college about available scholarships.
I am an Indian student on a visa, can I receive financial aid?
Federal financial aid is not available to visa holders.
Is my spouse allowed to enroll in classes while I am studying at the University of Houston?
Spouses are eligible to enroll in classes if they meet regular admissions requirements. If you are an F-1 student-visa holder, you cannot sponsor your spouse’s study.
Can my spouse work while I am studying at the University of Houston?
Spouses on an F-2 visa are not eligible to work while in the US.
If I receive a scholarship from the University of Houston, am I allowed to pay in-state tuition?
To view the out-of-state tuition waiver eligibility requirements, please click here.
My spouse has been admitted to the University of Houston, will he/she pay in-state tuition if I am on a scholarship?
No, only the student who has been granted the scholarship is qualified to pay in-state tuition.
I'm not sure if my school is a recognized institution, may I still apply for admissions?
Yes, please provide the university with all official mark sheets, transcripts or secondary documents, the application fee, financial banking, and we will research the status of your institution.