The Application Process

Should I send my graduate application to the graduate school of my choice, or to the Office of Admissions?
We recommend that graduate applications be submitted online via www.ApplyTexas.org.  Please be advised that some departments and/or programs may require a separate application or supplemental information. Please check with your department for program requirements.
Are there deadlines for applying to the University of Houston?
Application deadlines vary from year to year, and some colleges and departments have different deadlines too. You can check this year's deadlines here.
How long will it take to get an admission decision?
The processing times for graduate applicants to receive an admissions decision varies by the college of their major. Graduate applicants should contact the college of their major for processing times.
I am a former graduate student of the University of Houston. Do I need to re-apply for admission?
No, former UH graduate students are not required to re-apply for admission, as long as they are not applying to a different graduate program. Other conditions may apply. Please consult with the academic department of the graduate degree program for more information and specific requirements. If you have completed course work elsewhere since leaving the university, please inform your academic advisor.

Former UH undergraduate or post-baccalaureate students who were not part of a graduate program at any time must submit a new application to the graduate program of their interest. An application is required for each program, if applying to more than one program.
Should I send my graduate recommendation letters directly to the department of my interest or to the Office of Admissions?
Recommendation letters should be sent directly to the department of your interest. For department addresses, go to Colleges at UH.
How do I prepare for graduate school?
Successful preparation for graduate school involves a lot of thought, some research, and careful planning of your undergraduate course of study; for example, you'll want to take as many writing courses as possible, because good writing skills are essential for all graduate programs. For more about how to prepare for graduate school, see our Graduate School Planning Guide.
How can I find out the status of my application?
For most graduate programs, you can monitor the status of your application by logging on to myUH. You will also receive regular updates by mail. The Cullen College of Engineering, however, processes its own graduate applications. If you've applied for an engineering program, you must contact the college directly for information regarding your admission status. For additional information, please visit the Cullen College of Engineering's website.
I am applying to the MBA program, and the admission requirements say I have to take the GMAT. What is the GMAT?
The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized assessment exam that examines basic verbal, mathematics, and analytical writing skills developed over a long period of time in your education or employment. It does not evaluate your knowledge of business, job skills, specific content of undergraduate work, abilities in subject areas, or personal qualities such as interpersonal skills or creativity. Find out more about the exam, including study strategies, and registration information, at mba.com.

Graduate Programs

What graduate degrees are offered at UH?
The University of Houston offers nearly 200 graduate and professional degree programs, ranging from kinesiology to creative writing to the MBA. To find the graduate program that interests you, you may browse our program listings by college, or check our alphabetical master's and doctoral listings.
I heard someone refer to a graduate student as being A.B.D. What does that mean?
A.B.D. stands for "all but dissertation." In other words, an A.B.D. student is a doctoral candidate who has completed all required course work, passed the preliminary examination, and had a dissertation topic approved by the graduate committee of the academic department. All that remains is to actually research and write the dissertation. Some Ph.D. programs award the student a master's degree at this point.