Administrative Services

How do I print my W-2?

1. Log on to the UH Portal at

2. Click on the P.A.S.S. link

3. Click on Payroll Information.

4. Click on W-2 Reprint.

5. The W-2 Print screen appears. Select the required Tax Year from the list. This will take you to the Consent Agreement Page.

6. If the Refuse to Electronic Consent option is checked, you must agree to the Electronic W-2 Consent Agreement button to enable the electronic W-2 function. Click the Agree Electronic Consent option.

7. The Electronic W-2 Consent Agreement page will display. Read the agreement and click Accept Agreement to accept the terms or No Thanks to decline them.

8. Once the Agree to Electronic Consent option is checked, click on "Click Here to Proceed to W-2 Printing".

9. On the W-2 Results page, two links will appear. Select Click Here to View and Print your 2013 W-2 to print the front. If you would like to print the Reverse side of the form, select Click Here to View and Print the W-2 Instructions. Your browser must allow pop-ups, and the latest version of Adobe Reader must be installed to view the forms.

10. In order to open the W-2 form, you will be required to enter a password. This password is your Date of Birth in the following format... DDMMYYYY. No dashes please. Click OK. If this screen does not appear, your pop-up blocker needs to be turned off.

11. The W-2 appears in a new window. Print as many W-2s as needed.