Administrative Services

How do I view/edit voluntary deductions?

Reviewing your Voluntary Deductions

1. Log on to PASS.

2. Click on Payroll Information.

3. Click on Voluntary Deductions.

4. The Voluntary Deductions page appears. A brief description of your voluntary deductions will display under Deduction Type. Click on each link to view more detailed information.

Changing a Voluntary Deduction

5. Click the Edit button in the row you would like to change or discontinue.

6. The screen below appears. Make the necessary changes and then click Save.

7. After you click Save, the Save Confirmation page will appears. Click OK to return to the Voluntary Deductions page.

8. Verify that the changes were made.

Adding a Voluntary Deduction

9. Click on Add Deduction.

10. The Add Voluntary Deduction page appears. Enter the information in the appropriate fields and then click Save.

11. The Save Confirmation appears. Click OK; this will bring you back to the Voluntary Deductions page.

12. Verify that the deduction was added.