Administrative Services

Designate A Business E-mail Address
for the UH Online Directory

1. Log on to PASS.

2. Click on Personal Information.

3. Click on Email Addresses.

4. The E-mail Address page appears.

Note: Your “Business” Email Type must always be your UH alias (the address that ends in “”), and it should always be selected as the “Preferred” address.

5. At the Email Addresses page, click Add an Email Address.

6. A new row of blank fields will appear. Select the “Destination” Email Type and enter your UH business email account in the corresponding Email Address field.

Note: UH email accounts usually end with “” or “@mail.uh.ed.” This will direct emails sent to your UH alias address to your UH business email account.

7. Click Save.

8. You will be prompted to confirm the change. Click OK; this will take you back to the Email Address page.

9. Verify that the new e-mail address was added.