Administrative Services

How to review/change phone numbers

Reviewing your Phone Number Information

1. Log on to PASS.

2. Click on Personal Information.

3. Click on Phone Numbers.

4. After you click on Phone Numbers, the screen below appears. Review the Phone Type and Telephone Information.

Note: The “Main” Phone Type must be your UH Business phone number and must be selected as Preferred. This indicates which phone number will be published on the UH Online Directory.

Changing an Existing Phone Number

5. Edit the telephone number in the appropriate phone type field.

6. Click Save.

7. Once you have saved the information, the Save Confirmation page displays, click OK. This will take you back to the Phone Numbers Page.

8. Verify that changes were made.

Adding a New Phone Number

9. Click on Add a Phone Number.

10. After you click on Add a Phone Number, the screen below appears. Notice that a new row of blank fields appear on page, select the phone type from the drop down list.

11. Enter phone number including area code

12. Click Save.

13. Once the information is saved, a confirmation page will appear as shown below. Click OK, this will bring you back to the Phone Numbers Page.

14. Verify that the phone number was added.

Deleting a Phone Number

15. Click the Delete button that appears on the same row as the phone number to be removed.

Note: You cannot delete your “Main” phone number.

16. After you click the Delete button, the Delete Confirmation page will appear as shown. Click the Yes-Delete button to confirm the deletion or No-Do Not Delete.

17. You will be returned to the Phone Number page.

18. Verify that the phone number was deleted.