Wedding Invitations

Suggest copy for your wedding invitation:

The University Chapel at A.D. Bruce Religion Center
The University of Houston
3841 Cullen Boulevard, Houston, TX 77204-3050*
Event Parking - Entrance 13

*Note: this is the GPS address and not the USPS - mailing address


Your reservation request and Addendum D must be completed, signed and submitted to A.D. Bruce Religion Center.  Telephone requests are not accepted.  Reservation requests and Addendum D can be submitted in person, mailed, or faxed:

113 A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Houston, TX 77204-3050

Confirmation of event information will be emailed to the bride and groom upon receipt of the reservation request and Addendum D and will have the designation of TENTATIVE until full payment is made within 10 business days.  The reservation request/date will be forfeited if payment is not received.

Further Help

For further assistance please call 713-743-5050.