The chapel will be available for two (2) hour time blocks [Saturday morning time block is 3 hours] and may be accessed no later than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of confirmed reservation. It is the couple's responsibility to give a copy of all regulations to their bridal consultant, florist, photographer, wedding coordinator, and clergy. Please assist in maintaining our facility by cooperating with the following policies:

  • No lighted candles on the end of pews or in any walk way.
  • Open flame candles are only allowed on the Altar.  Any candles / candles stands on the Altar platform must have glass globes.
  • Plastic protections must be placed under light candles and plants.
  • The Altar screen cannot be blocked by any device, fabric or structure that blocks the air flow from the vents at the top of the Altar screen.
  • Tape, tacks, nails or Perma Gum /Stickum may not be used to affix items to any surface. Please work with your florist or supply store to obtain pew hangers and/or ribbon.
  • Flowers may be hung from plastic pew hangers available at florist.
  • Rice, birdseed, or confetti may not be distributed at chapel site.
  • Storage is not available prior to or after a wedding ceremony. All decorations, boxes, and event items must be removed at departure.
  • Storage is not available; decorations must be removed at departure.
  • The Altar MUST remain on the altar platform. It cannot be moved off of the Altar
  • An aisle runner MUST be used if your flower girl drops real or silk flowers,