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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for admission to UH and what are the deadlines?

Visit the following site:

To view the Academic Calendar for a specific academic year, go to  Admission deadlines are also published in each semester’s Class Schedule.  The Class Schedule for the summer and fall semesters is generally available at the University Bookstore (713-748-0923);  You may also call the Office of Admissions at 713-743-1010; choose option 2, then option 4 to speak to a Customer Service Representative. 


I keep calling the university to get information but the phones are usually busy.  What can I do to get through to a “real person” who can answer my questions?

Most Customer Service Representatives can be reached at 713-743-1010.  For Admissions and Financial Aid, press 2 on your touch-tone phone, then press 4 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.  For Student Financial Services, press 3, then option 5 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.  For Registration and Records, press 4, then option 5 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.  You may also call UH OnCall at 713-743-2255.


I am considering attending the University of Houston for the first time.  Where can I get some basic information about the university and degree offerings?

The University of Houston web site has much information regarding academics and campus information.  Please take some time to browse the UH Web site at


How can I get a catalog and a class schedule?

For now, you will need to purchase a Class Schedule at the University Bookstore.  The Bookstore can mail one to you as well.  Stop by the Bookstore, located in the University Center, to get your copy.  You may also call 713-748-0923 or go to to order a current Class Schedule and/or Undergraduate Studies Catalog.  The Undergraduate Studies Catalog is also available on the Internet; go to  The Class Schedule will also be available on the Internet within the next year.


I got my acceptance letter in March for the Fall semester, but it doesn’t say when registration is.  How do I find out when I should register?

For more information on registration, visit the following site:  You may also call the Office of Admissions at 713-743-1010; choose option 2, then option 4 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.  Registration dates and schedules are also published in each semester’s Class Schedule.  The Class Schedule for the summer and fall semesters is generally available in the last week in March; the Class Schedule for the Spring semester is generally available in the last week in October.  You may acquire a Class Schedule at the University Bookstore, located in the University Center; or, call 713-748-0923 or go to to request that a copy be mailed to you.


I indicated Business as my major on my admission application but I was accepted as a “USD” major. What happened?

Certain majors at UH (Architecture, Business, Engineering and Computer Science) have different admission requirements than other majors.  To compare these, go to:  then click on “College of Business Administration, Cullen College of Engineering, and Computer Science Major Requirements”.  You can then see whether or not you meet the special requirements for admission to one of these majors.  Transfer students with 15 or more semester hours completed can go to to review transfer admission requirements for Architecture, Business, Engineering, or Computer Science.


I am a new freshman and I have an “enrollment stop” on my record.  What does this mean and how do I get the stop cleared?
Academic advising is mandatory for all first-semester freshmen at UH; therefore, all new UH freshmen (i.e., all new students with less than 30 college hours) have an advising stop placed on their record after being admitted to the university. Your advising stop will be cleared at Freshman Orientation. If you cannot attend Orientation, meet with an advisor in the department or college of your major for advising. Your advising stop can be cleared through your College Dean's Office or through the University Studies Division (713-743-8982).


Where can I find my major advisor?

Names, office locations, and phone numbers for each academic department are listed near the front of the current Class Schedule.  Also see:


How do I change my major?

a. Check the Undergraduate Studies catalog or meet with a USD advisor to ensure you meet the requirements for the new major.

b. Obtain a General Petition form and a printout of your academic history (available at rm. 108-E. Cullen).

c. Meet with an advisor for your new major.

d. Submit a written request to change major using the General Petition form and attach a copy of your academic history printout.

Also see:  “Petitioning” at:


How can I check for enrollment stops?

Call the VIP (713-743-8484).  Select option 3 from the Main Menu, then option 4 from the Service Menu.  You may also check online at:


How do I get my final grades?

Grade reports are not automatically mailed to students at the close of a semester.  Your grades are available on the VIP using option 2 from the Main Menu, then option 3 from the Service Menu.  You may also use Online Enrollment Services to retrieve your grades and academic status and print them out:


I was suspended from UH.  Can I be readmitted to the university?

Students suspended from UH may apply for readmission through the college of their major when suspended if they are eligible for readmission.  General information on readmission is available in the Undergraduate Studies catalog.  Specific instructions for most colleges are printed in the current Class Schedule.  Also see:


If I repeat a course, will the previous attempt(s) be dropped from my GPA calculations?

No.  All attempted courses taken at UH, including repeated courses, are used to calculate your cumulative UH grade point average (GPA).


Why must students complete a “core” curriculum?

In addition to being a requirement for graduation, the University's 42-hour core curriculum is informed by a series of basic intellectual competencies - reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy - that are essential to the learning process in any discipline and includes courses in the disciplinary areas listed above. These courses are intended to provide students with the opportunity of understanding how these disciplines present varying views of the individual, society, and the world and of appreciating the methods by which scholars in a given discipline organize and evaluate data. The perspectives acquired in these studies describe the potential, as well as the limitations, of these disciplines in understanding the human experience.


I’m having trouble deciding on a major.  Where can I get some help?

University Career Services in room 100 of the Student Services Center offers computer-based career search tools, workshops, and assessment tests to assist students with career choice.  Also see:


I have declared a major.  Where do I go to be advised?

You need to go to the office of the departmental advisor for your major.  Your current Class Schedule contains a list of these advisors and departmental contacts and their locations & phone numbers on pp. 8-12.  The following website also has a list of college and department contacts:


I got an acceptance letter from the university, and it mentions new student orientation.  Should I attend orientation?  What are the dates?

Please plan to attend Orientation.  You should receive an Orientation brochure from the Dean of Students Office, 252 University Center, 713/743-5475. Select an Orientation conference that corresponds to your major. If you have not yet declared a major, choose the earliest Orientation possible.  Call the Dean of Students office if you did not receive an Orientation brochure.  Information about Orientation is also available through the Dean of Students office web site:

At orientation you will:

1)  Receive general information about the University and its degree programs
2)  Be screened for TASP compliance (Students must take the TASP test before enrolling unless exempt.)
3)  Be advised on course selection
4)  Receive your transfer evaluation (transfer students only)
5)  Register for your courses

Please contact the Dean of Students office at 713-743-5470 for orientation dates and how to sign up.


I went to my department to be advised but I was told that there was only one advisor and that he/she would be on vacation for the next 2 weeks.  I work full time and cannot come back later.  Who can advise me today?

If your departmental advisor is not available to advise you, you should go to the advisor in the dean’s office of the college of your major (see list of college advisors on p. 12 in your Class Schedule, or go to to find your college advisor.)


I keep getting TASP stops on my record even though I’ve been to the USD office several times before to get them cleared.  Why is this happening?

A TASP stop will be placed on your record each semester until you satisfactorily complete all 3 sections of the TASP.  If you have a TASP stop, you will need to come to room 320-SSC and meet briefly with a USD advisor in order to get your stop cleared.


How can I sign up to take the TASP?

Register online for the QuickTASP at:

You may also call the Testing Center at 713-743-5444, or stop by room 204-SSC.  For more information on TASP, see:


What are UH Core Courses?

See the University of Houston Core Path: and the approved list of UH Core Courses:


What undergraduate degrees are offered at UH? What GPA is required?

See Overview of Colleges and Majors:


Can I take ENGL 1303? I have a 600 SAT Math Score. Can I take Calculus?

See the University of Houston Placement Criteria:


If I take PSYC 1300 at 9:00 am MWF and MATH 1310 at 10:00 am MWF will I have time to get from one building to the other?

See “Building a Course Schedule”:


I have a course that transferred as an elective but I think it is the same as BIOL 1310. How can it be accepted to fulfill the Core Natural Science Requirement?

See “Petition for Course Equivalency Evaluation”:


How do I know if a course is open?

See Open-sections look-up:


What should I major in?

See “Tips for Choosing a Major”:


What do I have to earn on how many hours to have a 2.00 (or 2.5 or 3.0) cumulative grade point average?

Refer to


What are the USD readmission requirements?

Refer to


What scores exempt me from TASP? What scores do I need to pass TASP?

Refer to


What courses should I take for admission to Medical (Dental) School?

Refer to Premedical and Predental General Information Session:


What will happen if I drop a class?

If you drop a class and are no longer a full-time student, you could be affecting your financial aid, student housing, VA benefits, health insurance, or scholarships. Be sure to check with those offices before taking any drop action.


Can I drop a course anytime during the semester?

No. Every semester there are two drop periods. The first period allows you to drop a class over the VIP system without any record on your transcript. The last day to drop without receiving a grade for the semester is listed in the class schedule. The second period allows you to withdraw from a course and receive a "W" on your transcript. A "W" does not affect your GPA. However, you must obtain the instructor's signature on an add/drop form and turn it into 108 E. Cullen. Although most instructors give students a "W", they have the option of giving you a "WF" which would be considered an "F" on your transcript, and that "F" would be calculated into your GPA. The last day to drop with a "W" for the semester is also listed in the class schedule.  Check the Academic Calendar for important dates.


How can I find out how a course would transfer from another university?

Contact the office of Student Outreach Services at 135 E. Cullen, phone 713.743.9630, or log on to their website,


Can I take another course at a 2-year community college after I have transferred to UH?

Yes, but with the following restrictions:  Students will be allowed to apply toward a baccalaureate degree at the university a maximum of 66 semester hours of course work transferred from a community college.  If a student transfers more than 66 hours from a community college, the dean of the college of he student’s major at the University of Houston will determine which of the hours, not to exceed 66, will apply to the University of Houston degree.  However, to earn a degree at the university, the last 30 semester hours must be completed in residence on this campus.


Will the GPA that I earn at other schools on coursework transferable to UH average in with my UH GPA?

No.  Only grade points earned at the University of Houston are averaged for the degree.


How many credits may be transferred from another 4 year college?

Any course in which a grade of C- or higher was earned may be transferred.  You may apply as many transfer hours as are applicable to your core and major requirements; however, you are still required to complete your last 30 hours at UH in order to meet the university residency requirement for graduation.


Am I required to have a minor?

Some baccalaureate degrees require a minor, but not all.  Check with the advisor in the department of your major.


Am I required to complete a social science writing intensive course?

Yes. The University core states a writing intensive is required. The only exception to that requirement is if a student has completed 6 core social science hours at another Texas public university or college.


If I am post-baccalaureate student [have a degree presently] and wish to earn a second bachelors degree, how many credits must I complete?

The requirement is 30 hours beyond the first degree completed no matter where it was obtained.  Check with the department of the intended major for your second baccalaureate degree for specific requirements and possible prerequisites.