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Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies and Procedures are good guidelines to help students navigate more common academic tasks, such as dropping courses, withdrawing from classes, enrolling as a Pre-Health Major and more. Most Academic Policies are explained in the Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, Student Handbook and other such documents. 

Information about new and upcoming policies can be found on the Provost’s site under Student Policies and Resources and Faculty Policies, Programs, and Resources. A wealth of information specific to graduate students can be found on the Graduate School site.

PLEASE NOTE: New Texas Law regarding Bacterial Meningitis Immunization (SB 1107) effective Spring 2012.  For more information click here.

Undergraduate Catalog
The Undergraduate Catalog is where undergraduate students can find important university policies regarding academics, enrollment, courses, core curriculum and more.

Graduate Catalog
The Graduate Catalog is where graduate students can find important university policies regarding academics, enrollment, courses, core curriculum and more.

Graduate and Professional Student Resource Guide
This quick resource guide is a source of information for all graduate and professional students. Because some academic requirements and procedures vary from college to college, you should be in continual contact with your department for information about specific college and departmental policies, procedures, regulations and deadlines.

Student Handbook
The UH Student Handbook, produced annually by the Dean of Students Office, contains information for a successful college career, including academic and university policies, financial information, university services, academic enrichment programs, campus life, a campus map, a master calendar, and the university's Mission Statement.

Faculty Handbook
The Faculty Handbook is a source of information about various state, system and university policies that pertain to the rights and responsibilities of faculty. It also provides information about resources and services available to faculty on campus.

MAPP – Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures
The MAPP is the authoritative source of policy/procedure information for administrative processes. It covers topics such as: Human Resources, Procurement, Public Safety, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and more. Questions about specific policies and procedures should be directed to the department and individual with authority in that area, to your college or division administrator or to the Office of Business Services.

SAM – System Administrative Memoranda
This policy and procedure system documents the administrative operating principles and related processes of those functions which are the responsibility of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. The topics are arranged according to use and do not necessarily follow organizational lines.