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Enrollment Schedule

Spring 2023 student enrollment appointments will be available via self-service on Monday, October 3, 2022.

Enrollment Appointments

Spring 2023

Begins at:

Enrollment by Appointment

Open Enrollment Begins:

Priority (all careers) 8:00 am Wednesday, November 2nd
PB/Seniors 8:00 am Thursday, November 3rd Friday, November 4th
Junior, LAW1 8:00 am Friday, November 4th Saturday, November 5th (LAW begins Wednesday, November 9th)
GRAD, OPT, PHRM 8:00 am Saturday, November 5th Sunday, November 6th 
Sophomore, LAW2 8:00 am Monday, November 7th Tuesday, November 8th (LAW2 begins Wednesday, November 9th)
Freshman, LAW3 8:00 am Tuesday, November 8th Wednesday, November 9th 

 *Contact your Law College Advisor for details.