Engineering FootnotesCollege: Cullen College of Engineering

1 Refer to the University of Houston Admissions website for information on equivalents and substitutions and for information on advanced placement examinations.

2 Students not qualified to enter MATH 1431 must complete MATH 1300, 1310 and/or 1330, as indicated by results of the Mathematics placement examination, prior to enrolling in MATH 1431.

3 Students must complete successfully one chemistry elective, two technical electives and one science elective chosen from a list published by the Department of Chemical Engineering twice a year. These electives must be chosen from within one of the following six specialties: Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Electronic Materials, Process Control, Environmental Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. Students must also complete successfully either Biochemical Engineering or Materials Science & Engineering II.

4 This degree may require three additional semester hours. Note the graphics requirement described under this department section.

5 Taught fall semesters only. To be taken during the first fall semester of enrollment in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

6 CIVE 4312 should generally be taken during the last year of enrollment (registration) before graduation. The prerequisites for CIVE 4312 are listed in the catalog; the prerequisites are different in the fall and spring semesters. In the fall semester CIVE 4312 is structures based while the spring course is water resources/environmental based.

7 Students must complete three electives chosen from any CIVE 4000- or 5000-level courses, with the approval of the undergraduate advisor. CIVE 6000-level or appropriate courses outside CIVE may be considered.

8 A list of approved Technical Communication courses will be available in the department and posted on the departmental Web site.

9 Approved ECE or COSC elective: Any ECE course at the 3000-level or above, except ECE 3336, or choice of COSC 3380, COSC 3340, or any 4000-level COSC course.

10 ECE elective/lab: Any ECE course with associated lab at the 3000-level or above, except ECE 3336.

11 Approved technical courses are MATH 3336, 3333, MANA 3335, MIS 3370, INDE 4388, and INDE 5397.  Other technical courses must be approved in advance by the Industrial Engineering departmental advisor.

12 Electives can be chosen from any MECE 5000-level course, or upon approval of the department, a MECE 6000-level course or an appropriate course outside of MECE.

13 Electives can be chosen from any BIOE 5000-level course, with the approval of the undergraduate advisor. BIOE 6000-level course, or an appropriate course outside of BIOE may be considered.

14 Approved CPE elective: The current list of approved CPE electives is available in the department and posted on the web:

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