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Advising, Orientation, and Enrollment

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Undergraduate Scholars at UH

Undergraduate Scholars at UH offers a wide range of services and programs including academic advising, college success program, and support services designed to assist undergraduate students during the critically important first year university experience.

Students who have not declared a major at the point of admission to UH will be offered assistance through Undergraduate Scholars at UH that will help them later make an informed decision about a major field of study. All freshmen students will declare a major by the beginning of their sophomore year (30 credit hours), if they have not already done so.

Newly admitted undeclared transfer students

  • with less than 30 credit hours are to choose a major within their second semester, prior to registration for their third semester courses (i.e., these students will need to be in a major by Fall 2011).
  • with 30-60 credit hours are to choose a major within their first semester at UH, prior to registration for 2nd semester courses (i.e., these students will need to be in a major by Spring 2011).
  • with 60 or more credit hours are to choose a major prior to attending UH (i.e., these students will only be accepted into UH with a major).

While at UScholars transfer students are required to seek vocational and career counseling to identify appropriate fields of interest, meet with their designated advisors at Undergraduate Scholars at UH to discuss potential majors, and consult with college and departmental advisors concerning major requirements. During this period these students will establish a University of Houston grade point average that will allow them to declare a major field of study.

Undergraduate Scholars at UH is also the source for TSI screening and information. For information about Undergraduate Scholars at UH call 832-842-2100, visit room 56 University Libraries, (via the back entrance to M.D. Anderson Library, across from the University Center) during regular office hours, or access the Web site at


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Academic Advising

Academic advising is every student's best source of information about academic programs and procedures at the University of Houston. Academic advising services are a vital aspect of the university's active commitment to students' academic success. Thus, the university expects all students to participate in the academic advising process throughout their careers here.

Academic advising is necessary to ensure that all newly admitted students are in compliance with university policies and are making appropriate decisions about their academic programs. The Academic Advising Center of Undergraduate Scholars at UH shares advising responsibilities with colleges and departments. All new students wishing to make a successful adjustment to the University of Houston should take full advantage of academic advising services offered through Undergraduate Scholars at UH or the college or department of their majors. Students are expected to become familiar with their program requirements so that they may exercise personal judgement and have a knowledge base for discussing concerns with an advisor.

Continuing and former UH students benefit from regular, routine academic advising as well. Advising is designed to help students make decisions about their educational and career goals. It is an ongoing process that includes but is not limited to assistance in planning each semester's schedule of courses. Students should meet with their academic advisors at least once every semester to review their academic progress and to make plans for the future.

Students who have been admitted to a particular college or department should seek advising from that area. Other undeclared undergraduate students should contact the Academic Advising Center of Undergraduate Scholars at UH, 832-842-2100, 56 University Libraries, via the back entrance to M.D. Anderson Library, across from the University Center.


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New Students

New Student Orientation (NSO) is mandatory for all incoming freshmen and Advising and Registration for Transfers (ART) is mandatory for all incoming transfer students. Orientation is designed to acquaint new students with the campus and the many available campus resources that enhance both academic success and personal development.  The orientation program focuses on several important areas, including the curriculum, academic advising, college success, scholarships and financial aid, campus activities, student services, student organizations, Cougar Spirit, and campus facilities. Enrollment (registration) for coursework also takes place at orientation. During orientation, new students have an opportunity to interact with upperclassmen, faculty, academic advisors, and university staff members. By attending NSO or ART, new students will be best prepared for the start of the first semester.

Information about orientation is mailed directly to new students who have been admitted to the university. Questions about orientation should be directed to:, or

University of Houston
New Student Orientation
4400 University Drive
Houston, Texas 77204-2023

International Students

Required check-in and orientation sessions for new and transfer international students are organized by the International Student and Scholar Services Office. For additional information contact:

University of Houston
International Student and Scholar Services Office
302 Student Service Center 1
Houston, TX 77204-3024


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Enrollment (Registration)

The university's online enrollment services system, myUH, provides a convenient option to simplify the enrollment process. The link to online access is For your convenience several opportunities to enroll using the online system are offered each semester, including summer sessions. Specific dates, detailed instructions, and a listing of the courses offered each semester are included in the UH Self Service Center, also available online after logging in to

In order to quality for financial aid students must have an approved change of degree objective posted in their student information system (myUH) prior to the first day of the semester in which they are enrolling (registering). Students must be advised by their academic advisor prior to enrollment (registration) and to ascertain that they have an approved degree objective posted.


Students may cancel their enrollment (registration) after payment by dropping courses through the online enrollment (registration) system at prior to the first day of class each semester. Students may also receive assistance through the Registrar's Office, 128 Welcome Center. Students who do so are entitled to a full refund minus a small matriculation fee and are regarded as never having officially enrolled in that semester. In the event you are placed on academic suspension, courses for which you have enrolled (registered) in any future semester will be automatically cancelled - regardless of whether you have paid tuition and fees. Should you be given approval from the dean of your college to enroll, you will be required to reenroll (reregister).

Class Listings

A listing of courses and approved core curriculum for the university may be accessed well in advance of the beginning of each semester, including the summer sessions. Information is provided on the Web site at

Class Membership

Students may not attend a class after the first week of classes unless properly enrolled (registered) for that course and section. Failure to follow proper enrolment (registration) procedures may jeopardize a student's good standing at the university and result in a loss of credit. Class rolls are comprised solely from the official enrollment records of the Registrar's Office. Students whose names do not appear on the official class roll in each of their classes should immediately verify enrollment (registration) by logging it to Student Self Service (myUH). Access to University services accessed without logging in to Student Self Service (myUH) does not verify enrollment (i.e. WebCT or other instructional media).

Concurrent Enrollment

Students who are concurrently enrolled at two or more campuses within the University of Houston System may be able to pay less in student service fees than each campus would separately require. Such students should consult the Bursar's Office at any UH System campus for further information.

Course Auditing

Approval to audit, or visit, a course is sometimes granted to qualified students by the dean of the college in which the course is offered. Such approval conveys only the privilege of observing and does not include submitting papers, taking tests, or participating in laboratories or field work.

Students may obtain audit application forms from the office of the appropriate dean.

The Bursar's Office will assess the fees.

Students wishing to audit may enroll (register) only after late enrollment (registration).

Credit is not given for an audited course, nor may a change to credit status be made after students have enrolled (registered).

Students auditing courses will pay the regular tuition and fees.

Students 65 years of age or older may audit any course offered by the university without payment of a fee if space is available. These students should first obtain audit application forms from the office of the appropriate dean, and then contact the Bursar's Office, 129 Welcome Center, for a fee waiver application.

Discontinued Classes

The university reserves the right, whenever necessary, to discontinue classes or to alter the schedule otherwise. Should a class be discontinued, students will be notified at the first class meeting, or before, so they may enroll (register) for alternate courses. Students who are enrolled in a discontinued class will be automatically dropped from that course. If they wish to enroll in another section they must go through the official procedure to add the course, whether online or though the department offering the course.

Section or Course Changes

Students may make changes to their course schedule only during the dates indicated in the Academic and Enrollment calendars using (see above for directions). After the last day to drop without a grade students may drop or withdraw from a class(es) online by logging in to their myUH account if they have not exceeded their limit of 6 Ws (see the 6 W rules).


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Rules and Regulations for Determining Residence Status

According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Bulletin and Pursuant to Title 3, Texas Education Code Effective Fall 2006:

Your status as a resident, nonresident or international (foreign) student will be determined prior to your enrollment (registration). The determination is based on state statutes and rules and regulations promulgated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. You must be prepared to pay tuition and other required fees by specified due dates.

If you have knowledge of an error in your residency status for tuition purposes, it is your responsibility to notify the Residence Determination Officer immediately. You may do so by submitting a residence questionnaire which is available at

Any questions should be directed to the Residency Determination Officer at (713) 743-1010. You may also find the complete rules and regulations on the College for All Texans web site.



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