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Key Contacts
Office of the Dean 713-743-4600
Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 713-743-4900
Office of MBA Program 713-743-0700
Rockwell Career Center 713-743-4590
Department of Accountancy and Taxation 713-743-4820
Department of Decision and Information Sciences 713-743-4747
Department of Finance 713-743-4755
Department of Management 713-743-4646
Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship 713-743-4555
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College Leadership
Dean: Arthur Warga, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Associate Dean for External Relations: Robert Casey, M.B.A., University of Texas at Austin
Associate Dean for Programs and Administration:
Latha Ramchand, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies:

Frank Kelley, M.A., McNeese State University

Assistant Dean for Graduate and Professional Programs: Daniel Currie, LL.B., University of Western Ontario; M.B.A., University of Houston
Assistant Dean for Career Services:

Jamie Belinne, M.S., Loyola University

Director of Enrollment (Registration) and Records: Mary Gould, M.A., Boston University
Director of College Business Operations: Rubina Haroon, B.A., St. Joseph's College, Karachi, Pakistan
Director of Communications: Chester Jacinto, B.A., College of Charleston
Director of the Division of Technology:
Trent Ramsey, B.S., University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Named in August 2000 to honor Houston business leader and philanthropist Charles T. (Ted) Bauer, the C. T. Bauer College of Business has been in operation for more than 60 years at the University of Houston.

The Bauer College of Business provides quality business education for over 4,000 undergraduate business majors and minors. Located in the fourth largest city in the U.S., the Bauer College of Business offers in-class instruction that is industry-focused, with unique internship and career opportunities.

Our academic programs are focused on preparing students for the real world of business. Our undergraduate students are an important source of new talent for many Houston area companies and our graduate programs are a critical tool for employee development and retention for many Houston area firms.

Because of its high quality education, business environment, and significant scholarship support, the Bauer College attracts high caliber students, including National Merit Scholars who are also members of the University of Houston Honors College. The Bauer College student population mirrors Houston's diverse nature. The University of Houston attracts students from 130 different countries; over 350 of these international students are undergraduate business majors.


The Bauer College of Business is a fully accredited member of the AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, including accreditation of the accounting program. Of the more than 1,700 U.S. institutions granting degrees in business, only 469 business programs and only 165 accounting programs are accredited by the AACSB International.

Mission and Curriculum

The mission of the Bauer College is to provide leading undergraduate and graduate programs to educate current and future working professionals and business leaders for the city of Houston, the state of Texas, and the world. Undergraduate programs in the Bauer College are day-time programs designed to provide students with:

  1. a broad-based education that exposes students to a variety of academic disciplines across the campus that are relevant to their roles as future leaders in business and society;
  2. a fundamental education in all functional areas of business;
  3. an opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and skills by majoring in a single area; and
  4. exposure to business law and ethics, and to global and cross-cultural issues through a global studies sequence.

This leading edge curriculum is designed to graduate students who are equipped for the demands of the 21st century economy, armed with the business skills to be productive employees in the business community.

Support Services and Supplementary Requirements

The Bauer College of Business provides services to help business students plan their education and career, and finance the cost of their education through scholarships. Computer support services are available through state-of-the-art computer labs.

The Office of Undergraduate Business Programs, located in 262 Melcher Hall, is committed to providing quality administrative, enrollment (registration), and advising services to currently enrolled and prospective students of the college. The office also maintains information for students interested in study abroad possibilities. Current and prospective students may contact the office for information and academic advising, at 713-743-4900 (phone), 713-743-4942 (fax), or (E-mail).

The Bauer Experience is a student development program for all degree-seeking pre-business majors. Its goal is twofold:

  1. to provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of community through special events and through online activities, and
  2. to help students accomplish their academic and career goals more quickly and successfully through support services.

The Bauer Experience program is administered by the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs in partnership with the Rockwell Career Center, the Bauer Tutoring Services, the UH Writing Center, and other campus student service centers such as the Learning Support Services Center.

The Bauer Experience includes college information sessions for new and prospective business students. Required Sessions include New Student Orientation Conference (NSO) for newly admitted freshman and Advising and Registration for Transfer Students Conference (ART) for newly admitted transfer students. Current UH students exploring the possibility of becoming a business major are encouraged to attend BBA Basics, an information session designed to help current UH students find out more about the business program. Additional activities include a new student reception and special registration events.

The Bauer Experience is complemented by a required course, GENB 2301, Connecting Bauer to Business, on career exploration and preparation, and communication skills. Also included is the Bauer Code of Ethics, which all Bauer College students are expected to understand and assent to as a Bauer College student. The Bauer Experience has a required fee assessed as part of the GENB 2301 course.

The Bauer Experience also includes preparation for and administration of a mandatory business writing evaluation (BWE). Students must clear the BWE as part of GENB 2301 or an alternative portfolio the following semester. The prerequisite for GENB 2301 and the BWE is successful completion of ENGL 1304 or equivalent. Students who do not clear the BWE must complete a business writing tutorial (BWT) administered through the UH Writing Center. Criteria for clearing the BWE or alternative BWT is determined by the Bauer College faculty through a representative faculty committee. Assistance in the evaluation of the BWE is provided by the UH Writing Center.

A minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA at UH is required each semester while a student is a pre-business major. Pre-business majors with a cumulative GPA at UH below a 2.5 are placed on College Academic Notice. College Academic Notice is a warning that a student does not meet the minimum GPA required to file a degree plan, and a recommendation to participate in academic learning support programs administered through the Bauer Experience and through partnering support programs.

Bauer Business Honors Program.
Launched in Fall 2002, the Bauer Business Honors Program is a university honors program created especially for business students. It provides outstanding academic benefits such as a complete offering of sophomore-and junior level business honors courses, and the opportunity to write a senior honors thesis. In addition, the program provides students with a sense of community by keeping them connected to honors information, and through hosting a number of academic and social events for Bauer honors students.

Business students with membership in the Honors College must complete eighteen hours of business honors credit as follows:

  • All students must complete SCM 3301H, which satisfies the Honors College requirement for completion of an upper-division Honors Colloquium.  
  • All students must also complete three (nine semester credit hours) of the following honors course sections: MARK 3336H, FINA 3332H, MANA 3335H, STAT 3331H, and INTB Accelerated Honors
  • Requirements for the remaining six hours of business honors credit depend on the major.

  • Accounting majors must take ACCT 2331H and 2332H.

    Other majors have two options. To graduate with "University Honors and Honors in Major," the student must complete a senior honors thesis for six hours of honors credit. The alternative is to complete to additional upper-division business courses for honors credit. These courses may be selected from available honors designated courses or students may petition selected courses for honors credit through the Honors College.

     For further information on the Bauer Business Honors Program, course requirements and scheduling of classes, see

All students accepted into the Bauer College of Business are eligible to apply for the Bauer College of Business Scholarships. Every Bauer College of Business student is encouraged to apply, including current students, freshmen, transfer, and international students.

The Bauer College of Business Scholarship program awards over $1 million in scholarships to more than 300 deserving Bauer College of Business majors. Bauer College of Business scholarships range from $250-$6000 and are competitively awarded by the Bauer College of Business Scholarship Committee. Some Bauer College of Business Scholarships are based on academic merit, some are based on financial need, and some are based on a combination of merit and financial need. The specific criteria for each scholarship are established by the scholarship donor and the College.

UH business majors need only complete one Bauer College of Business Scholarship application form each academic year to be considered for all the Bauer College of Business Scholarships for which they qualify. The application deadline is March 1 for awards for the following academic year (Fall/Spring). Late applications will be accepted but will only be considered if there are awards remaining after the initial review.

Bauer College of Business Scholarship information and Web-based application forms are available online at or by contacting the Bauer College of Business Scholarship Office, University of Houston, 334 Melcher Hall, Houston, TX 77204-6021. Additional information, including scholarship criteria, donors, study abroad scholarships, information on other scholarship and financial aid opportunities, may also be found on the Bauer College of Business Scholarship Web pages.

The Rockwell Career Center
The Rockwell Career Center located on the 2nd floor of Cemo Hall actively provides business students with the information, opportunities, and practical skills necessary to obtain a satisfying career in today's competitive marketplace. The center provides targeted job listings, on-campus recruiting, recruiting events, internships, job search resources and individual counseling sessions to complement C.T. Bauer College students' academic experiences with professional development to help them attain successful and fulfilling business careers.

Through a partnership with the University Career Services office, the Rockwell Career Center offers students from the Bauer College not only university-wide job postings and interview opportunities, but also job opportunities and career resources specifically developed for Bauer students. The unique and personalized services at the Rockwell Career Center are part of why students rated the college among the Top 20 in the U.S. among public business schools for job placement, according to the 2009 Business Week rankings. For further information, please visit the Rockwell Career Center's Web site at

Bauer Division of Technology (BDT)
The Bauer Division of Technology offers student computing labs for use in completing course assignments and obtaining hands-on experience with technology mirroring today's business environments. The state-of-the-art labs provide Bauer students with the latest software and access to laser printers. BDT works with Technology Support Services to offer wireless network service throughout Melcher Hall and Cemo Hall.

Professional and Honorary Societies

Before the business community's presidents, executives and decision makers can thrive in the corporate world, they must first learn what it means to be a leader. Combining the business savvy, civic responsibility and social graces needed to be a truly effective leader can be a bit like putting together a puzzle.

Here at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, we offer our students the opportunity to put those pieces together with over 20 student organizations. Our student leaders graduate with the confidence of knowing that they have all the necessary skills for success in their professional and personal lives.

Career Development

Members and officers of student organizations learn more about the real world of business by meeting influential corporate partners and advance their career development skills through career preps, workshops, resume building and interviewing activities.

Community Service

Student leaders from Bauer College are committed to giving back to the Houston community through various service and volunteer activities. Whether it's pitching in at a soup kitchen or mentoring at-risk youth, our students are ready to lend a hand.

Personal Growth

Perhaps the greatest benefit of joining a student organization is the immeasurable bond members feel as they share their collegiate experience with each other. Organizations combine professional activities with social outings and give members a lifelong system of support from peers, faculty and staff.

Please visit our website at for more information!

Accounting Society

Alpha Kappa Psi

American Marketing Association


Bauer Ambassadors

Bauer Pre Law Society

Bauer Women's Society

Beta Alpha Psi

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

Delta Sigma Pi

Energy Association

Finance Association

Gamma Iota Sigma

Hispanic Business Student Association

Internal Audit Student Association

MBA Society

MicroFinance Initiative

Management Information Systems Student Organization

National Association of Black Accountants, Inc

National Association of Women MBAs

Society for Human Resource Management

Society for Marketing Professional Services


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