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The stress of paying for school is at the forefront of many students' minds. From applying for financial aid to budgeting, making smart financial choices is key to a student's success, both at the University of Houston and in the future. Helping students with their financial questions can seem daunting, but you don't need to be a financial expert to help students with these problems. You just need to know the basics.

That's why we're offering the Money Matters Institute (MMI), an intensive course for UH staff. The class contains weekly meetings - think of it as Financial Literacy 101, prepping you with the basic knowledge to give students the answers they need. Topics include: 

  • National Trends
  • The UH Student
  • Paying for College: Financial Aid Basics
  • Counseling Students & Families
  • Creating a Student Budget


Once you have completed the MMI coursework, you are considered a Money Mentor. Money Mentors use their knowledge of basic financial literacy to help answer students' financial questions.

MMI Graduates by Division

  • Academic Affairs

    Academic Colleges 

    Exploratory Studies 

    • Nakia Alexander 
    • Donna Smith 
    • Vanessa Guidry 
    • Nina Howard 

    Hilton College 

    • Tara Soma 
    • Jennifer Glickman 

    College of Architecture 

    • Oluwasade Orebiyi 

    Bauer College of Business 

    • Celene Warren 
    • Jorge Arellano 
    • Shanice Jones 

    College of Education 

    • Anitra Wright 
    • Jane Sidwell 
    • Kaitlyn Dempsey 

    School of Art 

    • Marion Russell-Dickson 
    • Erika Jimenez 

    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 

    • Ashley Cook 

    College of Technology 

    • Sharon Green 
    • Stephen Reynolds 
    • Rakesh Salian 
    • Monique Wiltz 
    • Kevin Nguyen 

    Graduate College of Social Work 

    • Cindy Crews 
    • Amber Mollhagen 

    Center for Mexican American Studies 

    • Fely Aguilar 

    Provost’s Office

    Undergraduate Student Success 

    • Melissa Pierson 
    • LAUNCH 
    • Laura Heidel 
    • Transfer Advising Program 
    • Alissa Benton 
    • Undergraduate Academic Affairs 
    • Luke Cooley 


    • Asha Sowell 
    • Tatjana Banjeglav 
    • Lateki Lewis 

    Enrollment Services: 

    Integrated Enrollment Services: 

    • Dr. Patrick Lukingbeal 
    • Kelsey Legard 
    • Bethany Minchew 

    Office of Undergraduate Admissions: 

    • Jamail Garrick 
    • Kim Chairez 
    • Janae Pierre 
    • Christina Gibson 
    • Cheryl Jackson 
    • Marissa Jones 
    • Jacorey Patterson 
    • Mariana Cadena 
    • Laura Galloway 

    Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid 

    • Norine Mattox 
    • Deshondis Elliot 
    • Liz Berry 
    • Frank Gomez 
    • Carl Gordon 
    • Lauren Garcia 
    • Carla Martinez 
    • Carlos Quintero 
    • Vernette Swanigan 
    • Keila Carlos 
    • Gwendolyn Richmond
  • Administration and Finance

    Student Business Services 

    • Kevin Burns 
    • Andre Ward 
    UH Energy 
    • Veronica Lawrence 
  • Division of Student Affairs

    Dean of Students 

    • Hope Pacheco 
    • Debra Byrd 

    Student Centers 

    • Armando Galvan-Cruces 


    • Laura Zavala-Membreno 

    University Career Services 

    • Tiffany Bitting 
    • Dr. Monica Thompson 
    • Priyanka Raut 


    • Stefan Johnsson 

    Center for Student Involvement 

    • Kyonne Gibson 

    Student Housing and Residential Life 

    • Janelle Brown 
    • Alicia Gusman 
    • Connie Lowe-Styles 
    • Jodi A. McDougal 
    • Rosemary Aleman 
    • Shannon Moore 
    • Kandace Kendall 
    • Campus Recreation 
    • Joseph Secrest 
    • Maria Avila 

    DSA Assessment and Planning 

    • Patrick Sajovec 


Want to connect with a financial literacy expert?

Check out our Financial Literacy page to discover resources, make an appointment with a finacial literacy counselor, and schedule a group lecture.