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CALL Arabic Language Learning Resources
Arabic Fonts
Arabic WWW Links This page contains links to Arab news in Arabic and in English, T.V. & radio and Arabic real audio sources, Arabic language tutorials, etc.
Al Arabiyya Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Arabic
The American Association of Teachers of Arabic
Babel Arabic Audio Lessons (Introductory Arabic)
Maktoob Free Arabic E-mail account which comes with Arabic keyboard.
Aljazeera Arabic news broadcast from Qatar that covers the Arab world as well as the rest of the world.
Beetaqa Arabic electronic post cards (in Arabic and English)

Arabic Dictionaries

Sakhr English-Arabic Dictionary
Sakhr Arabic-English Dictionary
Sakhr Arabic Dictionaries (in Arabic)
Literary Dictionary (in Arabic)

Culture & Literature

The Arabic Institute of American University @ Cairo Read and listen to annotated short stories, and poetry both in Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. (in Arabic)
Arabic Cinema (in Arabic)
Al-Motanaby (in Arabic)
Arab Radio and Television (ART) (in Arabic)
Arab Countries
ArabNet (in Arabic) Nizar Qabbani and other poets

Publishing Houses

Children Books
Cultural Orgnization in UAE
Arab Scientific Publishers
Dar El Fikr (America)

Music & News Radio

Medi1 (Music and news radio in Arabic and French from Morocco)
Arabic2000 (List of Arabic online radio and television. Radio and TV stations are sorted by country.)
Soufi Music (Listen to commentaries on the history of the Soufi music, and religious music from the Moroccan international radio station Médi 1.)
Arab Music (Listen to Arab singers such as Abdelhalim Hafedh, Oum Kalthum, Farid El Atrash, Fairouz, Abdelwaheb Doukkali, Hamza and Garwabi from the Moroccan international radio station Médi 1.)

News and Magazines

Arabic Magazines

Al-Nafitha magazine (Canada)
Al Itidal magazine (America)
Assabeel magazine (Jordan)
Al Hadath magazine (Jordan)
Jordan Made Magazine

Arabic Newspapers
Al Ahram newspaper (Egypt)
Al Ahram Weekly (in English)
Al Hayat newspaper (England)
Asharqal-Awsat newspaper
Annahar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Anwar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Ayyam newspaper (Palestine)
Addustour newspaper (Jordan)
Al-Watan newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ra'i newspaper (Jordan)
Al-Moharer Al-Australi magazine
Al-Ayam newspaper (Bahrain)
Al-Raya newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ittihad newspaper (UAE)
Albayan newspaper (UAE)

Arabic Countries and Organizations

League of Arab States
Information and Decision Support Center
Egypt Web Services
Qatar Charitable Society
Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Palestinian Ministry of Information
Municipal Authority of Abou Dhabi
Ministry of Municipal and Agriculture (Qatar)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)
Kuwait University
Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) & Islamic affairs (Qatar)

Qatar On-Line

Arabic Commercial Sites

Arabic Naseej
1001 sites
Fares Net
Internet Horizons
Electronic Web Sook
Arabic 2000