AASA Constitution

Article I - Name
Section I: The name of this organization shall be ARAB AMERICAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION, “AASA” which will be used for all business conducted.

Article II - Purpose
Section I: It shall be the purpose of this organization to preserve our cultural and social values inherited from our ancestry. Furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the association to promote Arab unity and culture by means of enlightenment.

Article III - Affiliations
Section I: This organization is not affiliated with any other organization or governments.

Article IV - Membership
Section I: The members of this organization shall consist of currently enrolled University of Houston students (Main Campus, Downtown, Clear Lake, Victoria, and all other satellite campuses). Also other campuses including Wharton County Jr. College, Houston Community College System, St.Thomas University, and Rice University shall be included.
Section II: All students in good academic standing are eligible to join.
Section III: Membership in this organization will not be discriminated based on race, handicap, age, gender, color, creed, religion, political persuasion, sexual orientation or national origin.
Section IV: Members shall pay dues in the amount of $15 per semester. Member joining in the fall semester may pay $20 to cover dues for the whole year. Members joining in the spring semester need only pay $15 dues and can renew their membership in the fall. Changes may be applied, depending upon executive decision.
Section V: New member will be accepted at any time.
Section VI: Any member who promotes political or religious defamation of any other member(s) will have his/her membership revoked after being warned of said offense. A member who has had his/her membership revoked is not entitled to have his/her membership dues refunded.

Article V - Officers
Section I: The offices of this organization shall consist of nine (9) Officers.
Section II: New Officer positions and committees/counsels may be created accordingly, with executive approval.
The Executive Board shall consist of the following offices:

1) President: Shall supervise all activities, preside over meetings, be the official representative of the Association, and shall delegate responsibility to the officers accordingly. Shall professionally maintain the performance of the organization.

2) Vice President: Shall assist and support the President in the supervision of all activities of the club. Will be the acting President in absence of the President. Shall maintain internal working relationships between the club and the University of Houston.

3) Treasurer: Shall keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures. Shall sign all monetary disbursements. Shall be accountable for all monetary exchange. Shall be responsible for maintaining the club’s budget, which includes collecting dues and donations. Shall be responsible for making sure that the account balances and all bills/invoices are paid in full in a timely manner.

4) Secretary: Shall be responsible for the written documentation of all club activities, take notes during meetings, and inform members of meetings and activities. Keep in member listing up-to-date and accurate.

5) Sponsors Contact Coordinator: Shall be responsible for publicity relating activities as well as advertising the positive agenda of our organization to other organizations and sponsors. Shall maintain good relations with other organizations and sponsors.

6) Students Contact Coordinator: Shall be responsible for recruiting members for the association. Shall inform all members of functions within the association.

7) Sports Activities Coordinator: Shall organize athletic and recreational activities for the club and its members to enjoy.

8) Historian: Shall maintain unofficial records of club activities, as well as help with designs and creative operations, including decorative undertakings. Also keep the club’s scrapbook updated with pictures and information.

9) Technical Support Coordinator: Shall update and maintain all computer-related exertions of the association. Shall provide support for other officers in need. Shall keep the association’s website up-to-date.

Section III: The term for all offices will be one (1) academic year (not including summer).
Section IV: All officers shall be held accountable to all members of the club. If it is deemed fit by a consensus, then issues will be brought against an officer. With substantial evidence and hearing, along with substantial input from an advisor, an Officer may and will be removed from his/her position. Legal and severe measures will be taken in case of illegal and unjustifiable actions. Past officers of the organization will be advised about measures to be taken through the justice system. All Money transactions are to be documented. All money giving out is made on the basis of a loan. Repayment is to be made within a month from the issuance date. An assessment of a $100 late fee will be incurred for every recurring month thereafter. If any required payment not paid when due, or if an event of default occurs, accrued interest thereon shall be immediately due and payable, without notice of demand.
In addition to all principal and interest provided, the borrower shall pay all costs of collections in the event legal action must be taken to collect the balance due, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees, paid or incurred by the lender on account of such collection, whether or not suit is filed and whether or not such costs are paid or incurred, or to be paid or incurred, prior to or after the entry of a judgment.

Article VI - Elections
Section I: Elections of Officers shall be held at the end of the spring semester of each year. All members shall receive two weeks notice of the election date.
Section II: All vacant offices will be filled via a voting for the new candidate. In the case of such emergency, all members shall receive two weeks notice of the new election.
Section III: The members of the organization will vote by private ballots. The ballots will be pre-prepared by the Executive Board. No write-in candidates will be allowed. Each member is allowed one vote for each office. Whichever candidate receives the majority of the vote’s wins. Majority in this case means 70% of the votes. In the event that a majority vote is not reached, a runoff election will take place.

Article VII - Meetings
Section I: Regular meetings of this organization shall be held at least once a month. The Secretary and the Student Contact Coordinator will be responsible for notifying the members of the meetings. Methods such as flyers, e-mails, telephone correspondence, written correspondence and a notice in the Daily Cougar may be used, as well as other techniques. The current executive board and it’s members shall decide to meet during summer sessions and breaks.
Section II: Special meetings may be called by a consensus between the President and/or Vice President and two other officers.

Article VIII - Executive Board
Section I: The Executive Board shall consist of all nine (9) officers and at least one advisor.
Section II: The powers of the Executive Board shall consist of calling emergency meetings, conducting hearings regarding the conduct of its officers and making decisions that are in the best interest of the organization.
Section III: There shall be at least one faculty or staff advisor who shall be member’s ex/officio with no voting privileges.
Section IV: Faculty/staff advisors will be identified. Following this, a letter will be sent to perspective faculty/staff stating the purpose of the organization. They will be asked to consider becoming an advisor for the organization. The faculty/staff member will be asked to submit a statement stating why he or she would like to be an advisor. Invitations will be extended to those who show an active interest in the organization.
Section V: The advisor will be asked to lend support and expertise to the officers and members of the organization. The advisor may be asked to act as a liaison between the members of the Arab-American Student Association and the faculty, staff, and the administration of the University.

Article IX - Committees
Section I: Different committees shall be created according to specific instances where committees are in need.

Article X - Parliamentary Authority
Section I: Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised will be utilized when conducting general and executive board meetings.

Article XI - Amendment of the Constitution
Section I: The process for amending the Constitution will be as follows: A Board member must initiate any and all changes to the Constitution. The Executive Board will take no more than two (2) weeks to decide if the proposal will be tabled. If the proposal has merit, then the Board members will debate the issue in front of a general meeting. All members will then vote on the issue. If the majority of the members (70%) vote is not received, then the issue will be tabled. Once amended, the current Executive Board shall sign the Constitution.

Article XII - Dates of Amendments

The Constitution was originally written on October 15, 1996. It was amended on October 30, 1999, during the fourth term.

Amended on October 30, 1999 by:

President: Bahaa Ghuneim Vice President: Mohamad Ghuneim Treasurer: Ramzi Abu Jamus Secretary: Omar Naji Sponsor Contact: Evette Konsul Student Contact: Nora Ashour Historian: Salwa Abdallah Sports Coordinator: Patrick Mueller Technical Support: Ali Aoudi