•Greatest Achievement : Establishing the Arabic Language Program at the University of Houston, that started the Fall 2000 semester

Raising funds to support the newly-founded Arabic language program. All of our major fundraising proceeds shall go to the Arabic Language program, as this program still needs major support from the entire community to support an endowment fund to guarantee its place at the University of Houston.

Holding our famous monthly bake sales to present our food and culture.

Helping to organize Arabic poetry nights and cultural events, as well as organizing our own events of this nature.

Educating the University community about Arab issues by having AASA informational days.

Monitoring and writing letters and articles for the Daily Cougar (the University's daily paper) to balance out bias and ignorance on campus.

Helping and guiding new students in the registration process at the University of Houston as well as in housing.

Participating in the International Festivals on the University of Houston Campus.

Participating in the frequent cultural nights on the University of Houston campus.

Organizing various social activities such as karaoke nights, get-togethers, picnics, go-kart racing, fun days at places like Malibu Grand Prix, and more to come.

Assisting the Arab American Cultural and Community Center (ACC) by volunteering in its activities and functions, including annual galas and picnics.

Volunteering with different Arab American organizations in their various activities, functions, banquets, camps and festivals.

A Finalist of "Outstanding International Student Organization Group of the Year" for the 1999-2000 school year.

Champion of Indoor Soccer, 1996-1997 at the University of Houston.

Lastly, the AASA strives to maintain an active presence on campus through all of the above activities, as well as to provide our members with several opportunities to interact with the Arab community of Houston on social, academic, cultural, and professional levels.