Strategic Goals

Goals and Objectives Summary FY 14

Goal 1: To facilitate student development and the student learning process (UHS Goals 2, 3; Strategic Principle 1)
Objective 1: To promote student engagement through peer education
Objective 2: To provide students with experiential learning opportunities
Objective 3: To strengthen transferable competencies of student staff

Goal 2: To strengthen collaboration and networking within the university and surrounding community (UHS Goals 2, 3; Strategic Principles 1, 7)
Objective 1: To develop a community network for wellness promotion
Objective 2: To serve as the catalyst for wellness within the campus community

Goal 3: To utilize research-based, theory-driven prevention models (UHS Goal 1; Strategic Principles 1, 4)
Objective 1: To initiate innovative and evidence informed programming for students
Objective 2: To infuse research into prevention modalities
Objective 3: To utilize outcome-based assessments to measure behavioral and cognitive change

Goal 4: To promote comprehensive campus wellness (UHS Goal 2; Strategic Principle 1)
Objective 1: To provide multi-dimensional programming
Objective 2: To provide multi-tiered programming (including universal, selective, and indicated prevention)

Goal 5: To promote staff progression towards advanced professional competencies (UHS Goal 1, 2;  Strategic Principles 1, 4, 8)
Objective 1: To encourage participation in professional development opportunities
Objective 2: To encourage professional networking