Peer Education

We believe you can! It is important to know that although professionals and other faculty or staff can provide students with a wealth of knowledge and ideas around living healthy, it is YOU, the Peer, who can really have an impact.

  • Who? - We invite you to join your many peers who are learning more every semester about health and wellness issues, and are learning about healthier choices and safer environments.
  • How? - You can be a peer educator by first preparing yourself to be a resource for healthier information, and to be a strong voice. HLT 3300 (Social Health and Wellness) is a course taught by UH Wellness staff, offered through Health Programs within Educational Psychology, that can help prepare you for wellness education. If you want to see what the course entails, check out the Syllabus on our website. You can also take a lab course, HLT 4197, for one hour credit where you can get involved in prevention and program planning as well as service learning. A Wellness staff member will facilitate your opportunities to engage in peer education on campus.
  • When? - You can take HLT 3300 or HLT 4197 in either the fall or spring semester. You only need to sign up during your course registration period.
  • Where? - Come by UH Wellness in the CRWC or the UC, or visit the Director. You can also find out more by checking out our website.
  • Why? - We believe there are many reasons for being a peer educator. In part, there is some evidence that learning about health and wellness and providing that information to others, is a healthy thing for YOU! It gives you the knowledge, the power, and perhaps even the motivation to make positive changes in your own life, and in your living community. Learn to enhance your life through all the dimensions of wellness.

We also believe the benefits of being a peer educator will compliment the rest of your college education, and give you many skills which may help you in your future career and living.

We also believe YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! That's why.

How to request a peer educator

Peer educators and peer volunteers are an important part of the work we do at UH Wellness. Peer educators have been trained through a national peer education certification program. If you would like to have a peer educator speak at one of your events or assist you by co-sponsoring with other student groups, you may call them at 713-743-5496, or you may email us at to make the request. Please identify your group, the number to whom we would be speaking or working with, the topic, and the date, time of day, and where the presentation or program would be. It is also helpful if you tell us something about your audience. Leave your name, telephone number, and email address so that we may follow up on your request. The engagement is not confirmed until we have spoken directly to you. Thanks for your interest.