What is UH Wellness?

UH Wellness is a campus wide education and prevention program. Services include sponsoring campus wide events, offering workshops and speakers on many wellness topics, supporting a peer education program including academic credit and certification options, and supporting student learning by serving as a resource for wellness information.

How can I find out more about its services?

Come by UH Wellness, located in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Room 103. You can also call 713/743-5430. You may review many of its services at this web site.

Why would I want to visit the UH Wellness website?

It is our goal to bring as much of our programming on line as possible. Many students either commute from long distances, or have multiple responsibilities. We want to provide wellness to you as well as those who enjoy our services on campus.

You can find out information about our outreach programs and how to request workshops or other services. You can also utilize our online workshops or visit some of the online assessment links. Find out more about peer education and service learning as well as how to get involved in healthy activities on campus.

What is the Houston Galveston Consortium?

The Houston Galveston Consortium consists of universities and colleges in the Houston and Galveston area that are committed to promoting health and wellness on campus. The Consortium is a strong network of professionals from area campuses. To find out more, contact the Director at 713-743-5461.

What is WELL-U?

WELL-U is the campus wellness newsletter. It is published quarterly. You may review previous issues of each newsletter by clicking on that icon and selecting the issue that interests you. You may also register to receive this newsletter electronically, free of charge. Simply email your request, which must include your name and the email address to which it will be sent, to wellness@uh.edu.

What are on line assessments?

We have provided links to a number of websites that provide some type of health and wellness assessments. We do not operate these links or assessments, nor do we regulate them in any way, but simply provide a link as an opportunity for you to peruse them.

Does UHW offer workshops and training?

UHW staff offer regular workshops listed on our calendar of events. UHW also has a Speakers Bureau, listing topics that may be of interest to you. We will send staff or peer educators to speak to your group on any number of topics such as relaxation, stress management, alcohol and other drugs, communication and conflict, and much more. Simply call the center and make a request. There are also some CD Rom programs that can be accessed in the wellness office, including Alcohol 101 and Sex in the CD.

Are any of these workshops offered on line?

We are in the process of offering more of our workshops in on line formats. As we do, you will see this under the "on-line workshops."

What campus wide, major programs are sponsored by UH Wellness?

UHW either sponsors or co-sponsors many national events, including World AIDS Day, Alcohol Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness, Great American Smoke Out, Healthy Heart Month, and Safe Spring Break. In addition, UHW supports campus events such as Sober Halloween Party, Learning to Learn Day, Occupational Wellness Fair, and many others. Look on our "calendar of events" to determine when these events are held.

Who are Cougar Peer Educators?

UH Wellness has peer educators, CPE, who will set up speakers for groups on any number of topics. They also assist the center in health promotion through campus wide events. The CPE hotline is 713/743-5496. Students can also take a four-hour credit course, HLT 3300, to be trained as a peer educator. Upon completing this course, you can test to be a Certified Peer Educator (CPE) and you can take the one-hour lab the following semester. The one-hour lab is HLT 4197. We also encourage first year students to get involved with CPE. If you have an interest in CPE, health and wellness programming, and service learning, you can also take HLT 4197. Just sign up in either the fall or spring semester. The lab meets on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

What is IMAGE?

IMAGE (Intent and Motivation: Alcohol Group Exercise) is a research-based, theory driven program which is part of a comprehensive alcohol prevention program on the University of Houston campus. IMAGE has twice been awarded Model Program status by the U.S. Department of Education and has been recognized with an Exemplary Award by NASADAD (National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors) and NPN (National Prevention Network). For more information, look under Programs.

What is alcohol 101+?

Alcohol 101+ is a computer based, interactive program that will teach you about alcohol, its effects, the impact of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and what affects it, outcomes of drinking, etc. It allows you to go at your own pace and investigate the areas that interest you. It includes a virtual bar (where you can study your drinking habits) and several scenarios in which you make the decisions on how to proceed. You can sign up for a time slot to go through the program on your own. Early in the semester you may be able to use it as a "walk in," but as the semester moves on, you will find it necessary to make an appointment. You can also request Alcohol 101+ be offered in a presentation format for your group as a whole. Simply call in your request to the director.

What is marijuana 101?

Marijuana 101 is an online program for students who wish to learn more about the impact of marijuana on personal health, academic performance, and social behavior. It is also used as a referral by the Dean of Students Office. There is a fee paid directly to Third Millennium Classroom. For more information, see Marijuana 101 under the Programs link.

What is the Alcohol Education Program for Minors In Possession (MIP)?

UH Wellness offers a Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) approved alcohol education program for those receiving an MIP violation. It is a six-hour course and there is a required exit exam and exit interview. There is a small cost for this service. Go to the Minors In Possession link for more information about the course or registration.