Hosting Events

Public speaking has become the number one fear among adults worldwide. It has surpassed both death and snakes on the lists of greatest fears. This simply means that adults (on average) would rather die or be in a room full of snakes than speak in public before their peers. The University of Houston Forensic Society (UHFS) has followed the lead of the former Houston ISD UIL department in creating opportunities for students in grades K-12 to have a platform for expressions and creativity. By hosting speech and theatre contests on the University of Houston campus, students have the opportunity to deliver original speeches, and published theatrical poems, prose, and other short stories while engaging in friendly competition with classmates and students from school in Houston ISD and surrounding school districts.  These contests are open to any student or parent that wishes to enter into the competition.  They are free of charge (for elementary school students), and to promote participation, every student receives a medal for their effort.  Please feel free to join us in our efforts to sharpen our future generation’s mind and communication skills!