Debate Events

Topics are announced for teams every round. Teams have 15-20 minutes to prepare. Topics fall into three categories – resolutions of fact, resolutions of value, and resolutions of policy. No preparation time is allowed between speeches. [7-8-8-8-4-5]

Times comparable to high school event, except national resolution is policy-oriented.

Public Address Events

Informative / Persuasive / After-Dinner / Communication Analysis:
All have ten-minute limits.  Sources are mandatory – with 10+ being normal except for after-dinner (using 7+).

Interpretation Events

Prose / Poetry / Dramatic / Program of Oral Interpretation/Duo:
All have ten-minute limits.  Use of  a manuscript is required. Presentation of an introduction – announcing the title/author is required.

Limited Preperation Events

Seven minutes total is allowed for preparation and speaking. No sources are expected.

Thirty minutes are allowed for preparation. Seven minutes is allowed to speak. 6+ sources are expected to be nationally competitive.