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Educational Programs

Combining all of the current bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional programs, the UH System currently offers a total of 83 health-related degree programs: 42 at UH-Main Campus, 23 at UH-Clear Lake, 11 at UH-Downtown, and 7 at UH-Victoria.

Universities of the UH System produced 41% of the total 8,721 health-related degrees awarded in the Texas Gulf Coast in the 2009 fiscal year. Other universities awarding health-related degrees in the region: Houston Baptist University (HBU), Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU), Rice University, Texas Southern University (TSU), University of Texas-Health Science Center (UTH), University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), University of St. Thomas (UST), Sam Houston State University (SHSU), and Texas Woman's University-Houston Center (TWUH).

Health Related Degrees

Total health degrees

Clinical Sciences

The UH System produces 100% of the locally-trained optometrists, speech-language pathologists, applied behavior analysts, and family therapists and the majority of the pharmacists (52.3%), social workers (85.5%), clinical and school psychologists (67.4%), and nutritionists (75.2%).

Pre-Health Professions Studies

Bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences, chemistry, anthropology, sociology, or psychology are typical intermediate milestones needed to complete the prerequisites for entry into graduate or professional school. The UH System awarded a total of 1,400 bachelor’s degrees in these fields in the 2009 fiscal year, or 62.9% of the baccalaureate degrees awarded in these fields regionally. 

Most health-professions programs, such as medical, nursing, and public health schools, also welcome students with backgrounds in the humanities, English, history, business, music, etc. The UH System encourages students committed to healthcare and majoring in a variety of fields to join our pre-health professions courses and activities.