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Symposium Series UH Energy brings critical issues in energy to the Houston community in our annual symposium series. We invite leading experts in academia, government and industry to participate in a panel discussion, hosted four times annually. For more information on upcoming symposia, explore the sections below.

Clean Power PlanThe Clean Power Plan: To Be or Not to Be?

The first topic in the UH Energy 2016-2017 Energy Symposium Series tackled the controversial Clean Power Plan. The discussion, held on September 20, 2016, was well-attended by UH students and faculty, as well as industry professionals. UH Law Center professor Tracy Hester moderated the symposium. Guest speakers included Al Armendariz, Deputy Regional Director of the Beyond Coal Campaign for the Sierra Club; Jeffrey R. Holmstead, partner at Bracewell LLP; John Hall, Associate Vice President of Clean Energy for the Environmental Defense Fund; and Mark Walters, Senior Counsel at Jackson Walker LLP.

Clean Power PlanShale Development in Texas: Six Degrees of Consideration

UH Energy hosted its second symposium in the 2016-2017 series, titled “Shale Development: Six Degrees of Consideration” on November 29. The panel and moderator were all members of TAMEST, the Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science. David T. Allen from the University of Texas at Austin; John Barton from Texas A&M; Brian W. Stump from Southern Methodist University; Melinda E. Taylor from University of Texas at Austin, Gene Theodori from Sam Houston State University; and Michael Young from the University of Texas at Austin contributed as guest speakers. UH’s Christine Ehlig-Economides moderated the discussion.

Clean Power PlanGoing Nuclear: Risk, Odds and Potential

The third installment in the 2016-2017 Energy Symposium Series confronted the long-debated issue “Going Nuclear: Risk, Odds and Potential” on February 15 at the Student Center. The well-balanced panel consisted of Armond Cohen, the Executive Director of the Clean Air Task Force; Shirley Ho, professor and Assistant Chair at Nanyang Technological University; Mark Jacobson, Director of the atmosphere and energy program of Stanford University; and Jessica Lovering, Director of Energy at the Breakthrough Institute. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Deputy Director of the Clean Energy Program at Third Way, moderated the event.

The Future of Energy PolicyThe Future of Energy Policy

The final UH Energy symposium of the 2016-2017 series covered the timely and concerning topic “The Future of Energy Policy,” held on March 31 at the UH Law Center. Guest speakers outlined and deliberated the developing policy under the current administration. Contributing to the discussion were Commissioner Wayne Christian from Railroad Commission of Texas; H. Russell Frisby Jr., a partner at Stinson Leonard Street; Congressman Gene Green, representing the 29th District of Texas; and Congressman Pete Olson, representative 22nd District of Texas. Jim Granato, executive director of the Hobby School of Public Affairs, moderated the conversation.