M.S. in Chemical Engineering
M.S. in Geology
M.S. in Geophysics
M.S. in Petroleum Engineering
Master of Subsea Engineering
Ph.D. in Geology
Ph.D. in Geophysics

Midstream & Downstream:

M.S. in Chemical Engineering
M.S. in Chemistry
M.S. in Civil Engineering
M.S. in Construction Management
M.S. in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Track
M.S. in Engineering Technology - Network Communications Track
M.S. in Industrial Engineering
M.S. in Technology Project Management
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Renewables, Alternatives & Electric Power:

Master of Electrical Engineering (non-thesis)
Master of Laws (LLM) in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law
M.S. in Biochemistry
M.S. in Biology
M.S. in Chemistry
M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Ph.D. in Biology
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Energy Management & Policy:

Master of Architecture
M.S. in Accountancy
M.S. in Civil Engineering
M.S. in Environmental Engineering
M.S. in Finance
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

Energy Enablers:

M.A. in Economics
M.A. in Political Science
M.A. in Public History
M.S. in Applied Mathematics
M.S. in Computer and Systems Engineering
M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Global Energy Management
M.S. in Materials Engineering
M.S. in Supply Chain Management
Global Energy MBA
Doctor of Jurisprudence
Ph.D. in Economics
Ph.D. in Management
Ph.D. in Materials Engineering
Ph.D. in Political Science