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Educational Programs in Energy

UH offers several innovative educational programs at all levels and in the four major energy sectors, upstream; midstream and downstream; alternatives and enablers, and policy and management. UH also offers continuing professional studies, as well as certificate programs that may be completed either in conjunction with a graduate level degree or as a stand-alone.  

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Upstream involves exploration and production. This includes geologists and geophysicists, who determine where resources can be found, as well as the ideal topographical locations for establishing drills and other methods of enhancing production. The engineering and technology areas of petroleum, mechanical power and construction are involved in exploration and production.

Educational ProgramUndergraduateGraduateDoctoralCertificate
Chemical Engineering           ✔        ✔        ✔  
Geographic Information Systems           ✔
Geology           ✔        ✔        ✔
Geophysics           ✔        ✔        ✔
Geosensing Systems Engineering        ✔        ✔
Hydrogeology           ✔
Mechanical Engineering           ✔        ✔        ✔
Petroleum Engineering           ✔        ✔        ✔
Petroleum Geology        ✔
Petroleum Geophysics        ✔
Petroleum Technology           ✔
Subsea Engineering        ✔           ✔
Supply Chain Management           ✔        ✔
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Educational Programs in Energy Catalog

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